10 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs a Website


websiteNo matter how small your business looks like, you need a website. The importance of a website for your small business cannot be underestimated. Big businesses understand the importance of a website; hence they use their websites to get more sales than their smaller counterparts.

In this blog post, I will give you 10 reasons why you need to have a website for your small business.

Besides, owning a website is not as expensive as you think. It is also not hard to manage a website these days.

10 Reasons Why You Need a Website for Your Business

Below are reasons why you need a website for your business;

1. You will show up on Google Search Results

Most people turn to Google when they need information about anything; Google then provides websites offering what people are searching for. This website that appears on the search get more clients and make more sells.

You are losing sales because when people search for your business online; you are nowhere to be found. Even if you have a Facebook page, a competitor with a website will attract more customers from Google search. Google loves websites.

Alright, let’s go practical on this one.

Go to Google search and type your type of business into the search box. Let’s say you sell motor spare parts in Nigeria; type “Motor Spare Parts Nigeria” in the search box and see the search results.

Google search

Check the search results below.

google search results

You can bet that those websites there are making a lot of sales. Even if the lead does not buy online, he/she could visit the shop to buy from them physically.

Let’s say I have a Legal issue and I need a lawyer in Lagos state to help out; I will do a Google search for “Law firms in Lagos”. I will go through the search results and pick from the results in the search.

When you do not have a website, you do not stand a chance to compete with businesses with an online presence.

2. Your Business Goes Global

When you have a shop, you are limited to only the people within your vicinity. A website allows your business go Global. Someone in Abuja can patronize you while your business is based in Lagos. It is also possible for someone in the United States to stumble on your website and patronize your service.

Let’s take a look at Amazon and Alibaba; Amazon is based in America and Alibaba is based in China but they serve the whole world.

If these websites only had a physical shop, you have to travel abroad to be able to buy things from them.

You might be wondering how to ship to this foreign countries; Don’t worry DHL, FedEx or our very own NIPOST will handle that for you.

3. Your Business is Available 24 Hours

Even when you are sleeping, your website remains available for business.  If you sell products through your website, customers can make a purchase at any time of the day. You could deliver the products to the customer during the day.

If you render a service, people can learn about your services at any time of the day.

For example, while you are reading this post, the writer may be sleeping or on a vacation somewhere in Calabar :). Besides, you may not be the only person reading this post right now.

4. It will help you Generate Leads

In marketing, Leads are customers who might be interested in your products. There are websites that you visit and you get a notification to enter your name, email, and phone number. This website does that.

When you provide your details, you become a lead. You may not be interested in buying something at that moment but the website owner keeps messaging you via SMS or email on products or services you might be interested in. You may end up buying later.

Let’s say you own a Barber’s Shop. On your website, you could add images of hairstyles you are good at. Then you could add an email box (your web developer could do that for you) that asks site visitors to enter their names and email address.


Armed with their contact details, you could message them often with the latest hairstyle you have learned or about offers. An offer could be something like this; Get 20 percent discount when you refer a friend to our shop” or “Get the next haircut for free”.

5. It helps you understand your customers

There’s something called cookies or trackers (your web developer will install this for you). With trackers installed on your website, you know where your visitors come from, the pages or products they check the most and even how long they stay on your website.

If you sell on your website, you could track the product people are checking the most. With this information, you can make the product description more compelling to encourage more sales.

You could also see the country where most of your website visitors come from and how they got to your website.

Let’s say you are a music artist and you have a website, you can see the countries or cities where most of your fans live. With this information, you know where you have more fans and hold a show or concert there. Isn’t that lovely?

Let’s say I sell shoes for example; If I check my analytics and find out that most of my visitors are coming from Pinterest, I will post more pins on Pinterest. If I notice more visitors come from Instagram, I will post more images of my shoes on Instagram.

You cannot have this information about your customers without a website. Having a Facebook page is great but you do not have much of this statistics.

You do not own Facebook so you cannot put tracking codes that monitor people that come to your pages. You own your website, you have the privilege to do whatever you like.

6. It will Boost Sales

From the list of advantages mentioned above, you are sure to receive more sales than when you only have a physical store.

A website gives your business more exposure. More exposure means more sales.

7. Remarketing

You remember the last time you searched for a mobile phone on Jiji.ng or OLX? If you remember very well, you will notice that when you logged into Facebook later that day, you saw adverts of the kind of mobile phone you were searching for on Facebook and other blogs.

You remember the last time you searched for an item on Jumia and you saw the same item as adverts on other websites. Congratulations, you have just been remarketed to.

When you search for products online, it means you have an interest in them. At times you may not be ready to buy these products immediately; the website owners continue to show you the adverts of these products you want to buy. In fact, the adverts follow you to most of the websites you visit. You may end up buying this product from them.


If they didn’t remarket the product to you, you may have gone to another website or store to get the product.

You cannot set up remarketing if you do not have a website.

8. It Makes your Small Business Look Bigger

Having a website for your business makes your business look more professional. Most big players in your industry own websites. Owning one will boost your companies image or branding.

9. A Website Provides Social Proof

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon where people take actions based on what other people have said or written.

It could be in form of reviews, comments, and testimonials.

Let’s assume you sell products on your website, new buyers may check the reviews or comments of other buyers before making up their mind to buy from you. If you have a lot of good social proof (which you should try to maintain), they will be more willing to buy.

A website with a review function allows your customers to come back and give a feedback after buying your product. Your website will make the feedback visible to everybody and this is good for your business if they are positive reviews.

website review

10. A Website Saves You Time

You can have over 100 visitors on your website at the same time either reading through your service post or be watching a video of you explaining something to them. If you sell something on your website, more than 100 users could be going through your products at the same time.

If it were a physical location, you have to be present with the customer and physically explain things to them.

A website also saves you money with the numerous tools available.

Some business owners think that a website is very expensive to own and manage. That is definitely not true; with CMS platforms like WordPress, you can manage your website by yourself without the help of a web designer.


Owning a website is very important for business owners in the 21st century. It is one of the various business tools you should never ignore. With platforms like WordPress, Wix, Shopify, you can set up a website for your business within minutes.


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