11 Signs She Wants a Break Up With You


Prediction level equals zero, Straight forwardness equals 2/100. This is the result of a woman trying to get out of a relationship!

Although there are some very candid women who will come out straight with the talk, most will leave hints everywhere for you to interpret. Reasons for break-ups differ. From seeing someone else or wanting a change you’re not ready to give, but most times, girls have a way of making it the guy’s fault.

Nevertheless, it is up to you to take these too-obvious-yet-not-direct signs and act on them before you have your heartbroken. Apart from the clicked ‘Unfollow’ button on Twitter or the reduced communication, these are subtle but as hard as brick clues you should watch out for.

Intimacy – Null

You remember that kiss that gives you giggles? Or the cool touch that raises your body heat?

When last have you seen her nipples? Or that down there kpomo-like meat? When a girl is about to let go, Intimacy is been thrown out the window. Where did all the dirty talks and winks go, I believe it’s high time you need to know.

Happy Girl Now Debbie Downer

Your once smiling Snow White now walks with a frown on her face, long arguments over trivial things with little space. You don’t even know why but she’s always angry, and this is different from those silly fights that make you both happy. She doesn’t make an attempt to change your mind when you go traveling; it even pleases her whenever she sees you going. More or less like she doesn’t care anymore, my brother, be worried, she’s holding on no more.

debbie downer
Debbie Downer meme

Privacy Score Mark – 100.1%

16 digits password with a face lock, Can you please tell me what she is hiding? Having access to her gadgets is taking a knock. Don’t you think you should start with your findings? She used to share every secret with you, but now, even her dog gets more attention than you. You don’t know her movement again; your search for a new girlfriend should begin.

She Is Avoiding You!

She acts like a bucket that’s too full, but I trust you’d see this because you are no fool. It’s either she’s too busy or sick, she needs to hook up or her mom needs more milk. Rather than meet up with you, she’ll attend those meetings she had always hated. She pulls away from every part of you, She’s doing everything to avoid being with you. You will be like; “Jenny, can we meet on Thursday?” and she will be like; “Oh no! I’ll be having malaria on Thursday”.

So Boriiinnnggg……!

Your conversations get less intimate; your togetherness is now like starchy rice. No more holding hands or a kiss or a date, No more romance, no more fun, no more spice. You say she look so hot, you could eat her raw. Instead of the sunshine smile and something similarly raw, she said, Thanks. Thanks? She could have just said; Shut The Trash Up!

No No! She Is Not Committed

The open and transparent girl is now blurred, You’ll need to drop a note before you call. All her interest in you is now feigned. If you’re alive and well, she never cared. Anniversaries and dates, she forgets everything, this is the same person that remembers anything. When a dog that wags it’s tail start to bark, You should start looking for ways to get your girl back.

Spoiler Alert: Wardrobe Changed!

She goes out with friends looking like Sexy Berry, But when around, she’s dress to irritate you. She doesn’t try to appeal you with her body; it means she’s ready to move on- body, mind, and soul- to the next level. Most times, all she does is to ask for money, Hoping when you get tired, you’d move to the next level.

You Are Not In The Picture!

The jokes aren’t funny again, the coded words you once shared has to be explained. You are hardly in her plans, she now uses ‘I’ instead of ‘We’. Last weekend, you asked if she wants a ride, All she said was: Ow! Maybe! We’ll see….. You’re the last person to be told things. Her good news to you is just news.

 From Our Husband To Uncle Whatyasay!

Watch her friends, they find it hard to return your greetings; they aren’t as free as they used to be.

That is a sign they have talked it through, They are just waiting for their babe to tell you the truth. You ask her to chip you in for dinner and she says for how many? Damn the girl! Apart from you and her, was there to be any? Moments with her, you will always see her best friend, these are signs you’ll soon be an ex-boyfriend.

The Jealousy Bone Has Broken!

Conversely, ‘clingy’ is the nature of your girl, but now she doesn’t notice you with any other girl. Remember those silly questions that irritate you but you love? Or the deliberate kiss to keep away the girls from the other end. It’s like she’s enjoying the stares, with gusto, she returned that smile from the other end. Your being there is not her problem, If you wish to do the same, it’s no problem.

No more whining and the I miss you’s

Baby is finally done with you. These are signs you’re about to lose her for good. If you are not careful, your cries and pleas will do no good. Being complex beings, it takes a lot of thinking, weighing the chances/losses, asking for advice, e.t.c before a woman will decide to call it off with her man (oh sorry, her ex-man to be).

Note that these actions may not necessarily mean ‘one foot out the door’ she’s probably going through a hard time or just having this weird system that will pass. You should talk it out with her though.

In situations where the relationship has been for a while, it is sometimes harder and more complicated for the girl. Showing signs may be her way of saying ”PAY MORE ATTENTION TO ME”. She will do all these just for you to notice so that you both sort it out (there is still remedy) and make things work again. But if she doesn’t get the desired result, she may give up and call it a day


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