A Second Chance


It’s cold in here, not an iota of breeze.
Flames in her head, it seems a storm is coming.
Painfully and stressfully it’s getting harder,
Slippery steep hills covered in lather.

She is on a sinking boat,
She doesn’t even know how to swim.
Gradually going down the slope,
Her chance of survival is slim.

It’s still the same story-line,
Little differences here and there.
But it is still the same plot, my dear,
This won’t last for more than a while.

Tag them all as liars,
Tag them all as cheat.
Believe they are all fake,
And your heart will never break.

By these rules she had lived.
A sense of non-commitment, she readily achieved.
Until he came in and broke her peace.
Resurrecting long dead memories, piece by piece.

You don’t understand, do you?
Let her tell you a little of herself.
You would then know better, won’t you?
The conclusion done by no one but yourself.

The Sun, The Moon and The Stars once lived in her eyes.
The sound of her laughter saves lives.
Her smile was priceless,
And she always felt like a princess.

All fairytale and illusion,
Her innocence was fresh and very pure.
Enjoying stares and winks from all directions,
There is no doubt, she is a beautiful creature.

To her, love was something in Harlequin books,
Or like the one she saw in the movie Titanic.
She never believed love has different hooks,
Or that it will be tough and ultra-hectic.

Love was suppose to be lovey-dovey and rosy.
At least that’s is how it is shown on Super Story,
And that was how it was at first,
Everything comes, after her love first.

She still remember how her heart stops everytime,
Awwww her stomach filled to the brim with butterflies.
How she seems to see stars and rainbows everywhere,
Please allow me to take up the story from here.

You see, this girl was deeply in love. It was her first true love. She was filled with deceitful pleasure. A heartache that was sweet it tasted bitter. She was sitting on the seventh cloud. A cloud made of smoke and fire.

With a smile, this boy stole it all. Causing heart seizures even doctors can’t fathom. With him she felt so strong, so bold. She could do anything, face anything. She didn’t ask for much in return though, just for him to see her as PRIORITY.

Although this guy loved her back but not as much. I guess she was just one of his many toys. A toy that was loved and cared for. But definitely not the special one. There was always the other girls.

It is true every nigga has more than one girl but she was the first and she ought to be respected. That must have been in her thoughts alone, because there was always someone else special. She had to compete for his heart. He kept saying “If you love me, you will have to fight for me”. Not that she wasn’t worried, she just didn’t care. She saw her all in him.

Not until his last escapade did she realized all her efforts was time-wasting. Then, she started the slow and painful process of getting over him. To stop loving him, but that was near impossible. Then she worked towards breaking free. Being in control of her mind, soul, body and spirit.

After enduring pains the length of Mississippi, most times she had to start all over again, she finally achieved her aim. Not that the part of her heart he occupied no longer exist, it has just been buried deep deep down where no one could ever reach.

Ever since then, she dreaded every other one. She had lost some real chance with some real niggas. She was in a I-want-to-feel-this-love-again-I-don’t-want-to-feel-this-hurt-again kind of dilemma. But now she had made up her mind. She had decided to give herself a second chance, now that this new guy looks so real.

At this juncture, permit me to go back to my song.

I can’t deny this anymore, my prince
With you my heart is always at ease.
Deny yourself no more, my queen
That being with him gives you joy and peace.

I have been given a second chance at love.
A second chance at happiness.
Nothing is going to make me lose you, my dove.
Not for fear. Not for foolishness.

Will history repeat itself again and again?
This I plan to find out in this adventure I plan to take.
Listen to the jokes, play and laughter
With silly childish fights that causes no bother.

Infatuation or true love, which is it?
Maybe am just looking for someone to intimately play with.
But I have been down this road before, I know how it feels
And what I feel for you right now, I think it’s real.

If you promise to see me as a priority,
And give me love, happiness and security.
I promise you my all now and forever more.
There is nothing I will hold back, not at all.

But if you end up being just like the other,
I will patch up fast and put my life back into order
You will be the one to lose, no one is to blame
You lose a jewel, a gem and a special dame.


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