How to Advertise Your Business on Nairaland

470 is obviously Nigeria’s biggest online forum. With a user base of over 1 million members and daily pageviews of about 200 Million. If you are not using Nairaland to advertise your business, then you are losing a lot of money.

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In 2015, I started a website for a particular product. My website was still new then so I was making very little sales. I used Nairaland to advertise that product and made over 150,000 Naira in profit.

In this article, I’ll show you how to use Nairaland to advertise your business and make sales.

How to Use Nairaland to Advertise your Business

First of all, if you don’t have a Nairaland account, you have to open an account before you can do any of this.

Simply go to, click on create an account to register. Sign up with an email address.

Here are the various tactics smart Nigerians are using to take money from Nairaland

1. Create a Thread about your Business/Service

A thread is also known as a post or topic; So when I say thread, I’m also saying the same thing as “post”.

Create a new thread concerning your business or service. After creating the thread, you don’t just abandon it; keep the thread updated often.

When you check a category on Nairaland, you will see lots of posts from other members; these posts will not remain at the top always. Nairaland was designed in such a way that new articles and threads with new comments stay at the top of the category.

To be practical, go to the business section of Nairaland, look for a post with few comments; post a comment on the post and go back to the business section homepage, you will notice that the post you commented on has moved up among other posts.

The more you update your thread, the more it becomes visible to other members.

You can check my article on how to post on Nairaland.

As I said earlier, some Nigerians are already using this method to rake in sales to their offers. Check the links below to see some examples of people using Nairaland to make sales;




These are just a few of them.

2. Add a Signature to your Nairaland Profile

A forum signature is a piece of text, image or link that appears after a members post on forums. Thankfully, Nairaland allows members to add a signature to their posts.

Check the images below for examples;

Nairaland signature

You can use this feature to briefly advertise your product or service as seen in the image above.

To add a signature, simply log in to Nairaland, click on edit profile, scroll to “Signature”, add a signature and click on update.

Viola! You have successfully added a signature to your Nairaland profile.

3. Comment on Other Threads

After you have added your signature on Nairaland, the next thing is to comment relevantly on other threads.

Remember that as you comment, your signature appears below your post. The more you comment, the more places your signature appear.

When commenting, try to post something relevant and intriguing. People tend to read and like comments that contribute in a way to the topic. Obviously, the more people stop to read your comments, the more they also see your signature.

Your next client is on Nairaland right now reading a comment while you are reading this.

4. Hustle for Front Page

In advertising, the aim is to show your business or product to a lot of people. On Nairaland, everyone sees the front page of a particular post.

I, for example, don’t usually check the next pages of comments on a post unless the comments are educative, funny or an argument I’m enjoying is going on.

When your comment is on the front page of an article everyone is reading, more eyes get to see your comments and signature.

Here’s how to make your comments on the first page;

Go to, you will see a list of threads/post recently created by other members.

Use your initiative here, look for a post that you believe will make the Nairaland homepage (any post on the homepage gets lots of views), quickly add your comment there.

Remember, your comment should correspond to the post and it should be interesting to read.

5. Answer Questions

A lot of members on Nairaland ask questions about so many things. If your business or service can solve their problems, this is the best time to chip in. Answer their questions without aggressively promoting what you have to offer.

After answering their questions, you could post a link back to your business website for them to know what you are all about.

While in school, that kid that answers the most questions is seen as the bright one; everyone wants to associate with him.

The same thing applies here too. When you answer questions about a particular problem, people tend to see you as a professional in that field. Hence, they may want to do business with you.

6. Place an Advert on Nairaland

This is actually the fastest way to advertise your business on Nairaland; though it comes at a cost. When you place an advert on Nairaland, it is shown at the top or bottom of the website. Sethe e image below.

Nairaland runs a targeted advert style where you can place adverts in the categories of your choice. For example, a political party will place an advert on the political section of Nairaland. Someone advertising building materials may also choose to advertise in the properties section of Nairaland. Do you get the drill?

For now, Nairaland only accepts image adverts.

To place an advert, you need to design an image banner first, then design your landing page. Nairaland accepts only banners of 318 pixels wide and 106 pixels tall. The banners must be less than 30kb in size.

You can get a freelancer on Fiverr to design something nice for you at a cheap price.

How to Place an Advert on Nairaland

First of all, check the estimated advert rates for the different sections on Nairaland. Design your advert banner and create your landing page.

Once you are ready, visit, click on “Upload new Ad”, add the link to your landing page and click “upload ad”.

Once the advert is approved, Nairaland will provide you with details on how to purchase advertising credits. After you have successfully purchased advertising credits, you can advertise in any section you like.

However, to learn more about Nairaland adverts, check this post by Seun Osewa on Nairaland.


These are proven ways to make sales on Nairaland for free. If you don’t make sales with these methods, your product or service is questionable; that’s how sure I am.

Stop procrastinating. Start using these methods today to increase your brand awareness and make more sales.

Have you used these methods and it worked for you? I would love to hear from you in the comments below.


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