Age, Relationship and Sex


Hello. Who missed me? I’m so sorry for the break. Abisola is back. Ehnehn. Like they use to say, age is just a number. Also, I have come to realize that sometimes, age has nothing to do with knowledge, wisdom or maturity. I’ve met airheads at 40 and old wise men at 23. One thing is, the older one gets, the wiser. But come to think of it, some lessons cannot be taught but experienced and this has nothing to do with age. Until you witness it, you pass through it, you endure it.

Until then, you may never get the full meaning of some situations. Adages are been said, but until you are in that position, you may not understand any of it. Now that’s another day issue. My concentration today is on age effect

On Relationships.

It is very obvious that this world is upside down. Relationships have been abused and its standards diminish daily. Since every Jack is dating, being single is now almost a stigma.

That one no even pain me, it’s the reigning criteria’s used to judge a healthy relationship that amuses me. The real stuff is gone. They will be disturbing sombori facebook newsfeed yet what they have is not real neither is it strong. Let’s leave the matured out of this, so also the serious ones who knows what it takes and means to be in a relationship.

My market target is those premature dumbos who have sold their destinies all in the name of dating.

God and religion apart, what this generation has produced in largest quantity are the sleaziest sickos of all time. Only a few are exceptional. The generations to come are no better. No morals, no self-esteem, nothing! The excess energy in them is been exhausted on something as useless as dating.

You’ll see ‘pikins’ in the game and you ask yourself WHY!.

A 16years old once said to me; “I pray this one will be different o. The other three were a disaster”. What!!!

Tell me smallie, when exactly did you start dating? What do you know about dating? Smooching and saying I love you? Sex? Buying and exchange of gifts? Olori foolish foolish? Is it that yeye thing you’re feeling you call love?

Do you even know the difference between to love, to have a crush, or to be infatuated? Relationship is a journey of its own. You have to be ripe and ready for it in every way.

Moreover, teenage hood is the most delicate, the most important phrase of one’s life. Age 14-19(even 20-23) is when one’s foolishness is at it’s peak. When all the hormones jumble together and every right seems wrong, vice-versa. It’s that time you get made or marred, especially for girls. I felt like dying when I heard my 13years old cousin say she had a fight with her boyfriend. Chineke! I was like; if I woooz you slap eh, but I held my cool.

Unfortunately, that’s the trend now. It’s crazy really and the fault is on both sides. How can you, a 25years old guy, ask that 15years old rat (in S.S.1) out and claim to love her? Love koh, love ni! We both know your intention here. You are now giving the small girl format, giving her different formula.

And you too, sisi Folake, no one is free of guilt. You’ve been reading too much of Harlequin novels and the idiot in you has start to imagine things when you are supposed to be solving Logarithm. All those videos you’ve stuck in your brain is making your body do ‘konikoni’. So since Broda Kola has said he loves you and, well all your friends are dating, Kini big deal?


You now gave Broda Kola your ‘temple of God’ as an exgratia just because your enemies-in-form-of-friends keep telling you that that’s the price you have to pay. That you can’t afford to lose him. Shio! It’s yourself you’re doing.

You see girlfriend, at this stage of yours, you are going to like a lot of guys. You’re still in school and you think all the handsome guys ends there? For your mind o. You just started going out. At the ATM queue, in the bus, at the motor park, parties, social media, geeezus!

They are everywhere. Confirm guys! Original ones. So if beauty is what’s making you rush into what’s not, sorry o. Actually, relationship is more than that, but I don’t really blame you. Although you try to act big and mature (shaybi you have big sisters and their friends, you do listen when they discuss stuff like this), your mind is small, shallow and inexperienced.

Guys will attract you, they will make you wet, they will get you thinking (when you don’t have work) and all that but let me ask you. Forget what everyone else is doing, you’re not everyone, is that really what’s next on your agenda? Do you even have an agenda?

It’s high time you wise up girlie. You need to change and improve on your orientation. That’s what you need, not a boyfriend, and sense which mummy gave you but the moment you gained admission, FIHAM! You threw it away.

Okay, it is true that whatever step you wish to take, you have to start somewhere but not so early. And not in something as a relationship.

Ask those who tried it, they will have more stories of misfortune and awkwardness than anything. I’m no saint here and to the older folks reading this, I’m certain we all have our past and whatever you are now, wherever you are, you’d agree with me that your mistakes, the lessons learnt, the decision taken during that feeble yet strong stage of your life are factors that brought you this far.

If he cares for you, he will understand that absence makes the heart grow fonder. So to the newest couple, welcome to the game. Set your priorities straight. Keep it chaste, keep it clean. Shay bi you are just getting to know each other ni? It doesn’t have to involve all the yama yama. If a girl/guy plans to dump you because of that, be the first to ditch the person. Such people are to be avoided like a plague. It doesn’t have to be everywhere, every time. Konji will come knocking but your determination will see you through.

Hhmnhmn Aunty Bimpe! Aunty Titi! Go and call Broda Lanre to join us and all your friends that use to pepper dem anything. So you have been, ehm, knacking apako since like forever? In fact, you are not even 23 and you’re an expert at this thing called bedmatics? Wehldon Ma!

You say you want to keep your man but sister, this’s your third boyfriend this year o. Not to talk of the Alhaji’s and chiefs, all your nightclub escapades, and you want to marry?

Put yourself in the shoes of a guy, can you take home a girl like you? Imagine yourself in the next 40years, will it please your heart if your son brings home a girl like you?

Right under you there is a community well, all in the name of looking for the right man. Your pride, your glory, your specialness, your everything, WHOOOOOSH! They are all vague.

Dear uncle, you too can smack anything with a hole between two legs. Anywhere, anyone, anyhow! Poorh, you think you’re doing me abi? You believe because you are cute, girls fall for you, so you just climb on every girl you see. You think you are enjoying yourself. I shake my head for you. Ten years to this time, no work, no wife, no money and they tell you that one of your numerous ‘gbamos’ is a witch and you have no light in you anymore.

I’m going spiritual abi? But it’s the truth. You just wait and see. So you think everyone is human? Kontinuo. What will stop you will stop you. It’s your future daughters I pity.

But since you’re still alive, there is still a slim chance for change. Nemesis may take pity and make your punishment mild, so it’s not too late to repent of your sins. It’s for your own good. Anything can happen anytime. Think of your parents, of your family. Think of yourself. The future will tell. Whatever you become is a result of all you’ve done.

On a final note, today’s topic is quite a familiar one. I’m sure my opinion is one out of a million different others. Whether or not you are comfortable with it, or you have any point you think our (you & I) view differs. . That’s it! Feedback is allowed.

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