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43 mobile app reviewIf you are looking for a task manager app to help you with scheduling; look no further, is awesome. is one of the best task manager app for Android and iPhone. It has free and premium features. The free feature is so good you may want to upgrade to premium for only $2.99 per month.

In this post, we will show you the features of task manager and how to use it on your device. We will also show you the amazing premium features; you will fall in love with it, I promise.

Who is task manager app for?

This app is great for students like me who have no idea on how to schedule our life :). It’s for the ever busy worker or entrepreneur who jumps from Uber to the office….blah-blah-blah. Long story cut short; is for everyone except babies.

10 million Android users cannot be wrong; this task manager app has over 10 million downloads on the play store. It also boasts of over 20,600 customer ratings on the Apple store.

Features of Task Manager App

Sync Seamlessly

Hehe. You cannot run away from your tasks; is everywhere. There’s a smart phone app (Android and iOS), desktop, web, and tablet version. If you love Google Chrome just like me, there’s an extension also. The extension/add-on is not available on Opera mini or FireFox.

Your tasks syncs to all the available platforms. You could add and delete tasks from any version you prefer. If your love for Opera is unbreakable but you still want to use the Any-do extension, read this article on how to use chrome extensions on Opera mini.

Get Reminders

You have the option to set reminders on your tasks. At exactly that time, the app will remind you to do your stuff.

But that’s not all. You could also set-up re-occurring reminders.

Location Based Schedule and Reminders app lets you set-up location based tasks. For example, you could set-up a schedule to eat hamburgers at Mcdonalds. Immediately you get to Mcdonalds, this amazing app reminds you; hey go grab some burger.

You definitely have to leave your GPS on for this function to work.


This feature lets you share tasks with your team, friends or course mates. Everybody knows what has to be done. Moments

I actually love this one feature. moments is a unique feature that shows you all the tasks you have for the day in an appealing way. The Any-do moment feature will offer you to delete, reschedule or mark your tasks as done.

So yesterday you were so high-spirited and you were busy scheduling yourself with loads of tasks. With moments, you can delete or reschedule some tasks when your adrenaline comes down.

Missed Call Feature

I didn’t know what to call this feature so I just named it the “Missed Call Feature”.

When you get a missed call, pops up with an option to either dismiss, call later, call now or send a text message. Some people don’t like this feature; don’t worry, it can be disabled.

Connects with Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa is a digital assistant made by Amazon Inc. It works with the Alexa Echo devices. When you combine with the power of Alexa, you get things done hands-free.

You could do the following tasks with this feature;

  • Add to-dos and set reminders by talking to the Amazon Echo device.
  • Ask Alexa to tell you all the tasks that are pending for the day.
  • Pull up the list of items when you get to the grocery store – Hands-free.
  • Add items to your shopping lists by just speaking.

Integrates with Email

Let’s say want to read an email later, you can schedule the email to whenever you want to read it by sending it to the app. You could also set-up to-dos by sending a mail to from the email you used to register on the app; the subject of the message will be the to-do name while the contents of the message will be the notes.

Alright, if you have fallen in love with the best task manager app; here are the download links to go get em.

—> Download for Android.

—> Download for iOS.

After you have downloaded the app, you will be given an option to sign in with either your Google account, Facebook account or via email. Select your choice to sign in or create an account.

How to Disable the Missed Call Notification Feature

This feature pops up when you have a missed call. asks you to either dismiss the notification, call back, send a text message or call later. If you select call later, you have to schedule when the app will remind you to call the person.

any-do missed call notification

Some users may not like this feature. Here is how to disable it;

Open the app settings —> Preferences —> Missed call and toggle it to off. It’s that easy.

How to connect with Alexa

Like I stated earlier, this feature helps takes automation to a whole new level; you could use voice commands to schedule or even add items to your Amazon shopping cart.

From mobile app, scroll down to tasks —> connect to Amazon Alexa —> sign into your Amazon account.

Now, open the Amazon Alexa app on your mobile phone, go to settings  —> select lists and tap on Login to your account to authorize the app.

How to Integrate with Gmail allows you to schedule tasks right from your Gmail inbox. This is possible through the chrome extension. Furthermore, it’s possible to use with Opera Mini; simply download this opera mini extension that makes chrome extensions work on opera.


I have used other task manager apps but I’m definitely pleased with this one. I am using the premium version and it’s working perfectly fine for me.


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