How to calculate Unilag post-utme score to get aggregate score


The University of Lagos (UNILAG), has a way it calculates the aggregate score for Candidates. The aggregate score is what would be compared with the cutoff mark; If any candidates aggregate score meets the cut off mark, such candidate will be admitted by merit.

In this post, you will learn the format used to calculate UNILAG’s aggregate score. There are two ways to calculate.

Unilag uses your UTME score and your post-utme score to calculate and get the final aggregate score, it is this same aggregate score that will be used to determine if you will be admitted. For you to be admitted, your aggregate score must meet the cutoff mark of the course you applied for either by merit or by catchment.

Before you can calculate the aggregate score, you need to first know how Unilag calculates the post-utme score.

How to Calculate UNILAG Aggregate Score

Unilag sets 40 questions in the post-utme exam, meanwhile, the post-utme score is over 100. So how is the post-utme score calculated? Since the questions are 40, whatever you score will be divided by 40 and multiplied by 100.

Let’s say you scored 27 out of the 40 questions, your post-utme score would be calculated like this;

unilag aggregate score

If you scored 30, the calculation will be like this:

unilag aggregate score 2

This is how the post-utme scores are calculated.

Now, let’s take a look at the logic used in calculating Unilag aggregate score:

Utme score divided by 8 plus post-utme score divided by 2.

unilag post-utme score

Let’s assume someone scored the following marks:

Utme: 227
Post-Utme: 64

His/her aggregate score will be calculated thus:

unilag aggregate score calculation

227/8 (227 divided by 8) = 28.38

64/2 (64 divided by 2) = 32

Aggregate score: 28.38+32 = 60.38

If your aggregate score is equal to or higher than the cutoff mark of the course you chose, you will be admitted.

Hope you have learned how Unilag calculates their aggregate score.

For now, you can divide your utme score by 8 and calculate how many more marks you need to score at least 60 aggregate mark.

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