How to Calculate YABATECH Post-UTME Screening Score


It is no longer news that YABATECH has stopped writing POST-UTME exams. When candidates apply for the YABATECH POST-UTME form, the school calculates the JAMB score and O’level grades to give an aggregate.

In this article, we will show you how YABATECH calculates POST-UTME screening scores.

While you are waiting for the YABATECH Post-UTME form to go on sale, you can calculate your screening score beforehand.

To calculate the post-UTME screening score, you need to have your JAMB score and O level result at hand.

How to Calculate YABATECH Post-UTME Screening Score

There are three stages in calculating the score; you have to calculate your JAMB aggregate, O’level aggregate, and bonus mark

How YABATECH Calculates JAMB Aggregate

Divide your JAMB score by 400 and multiply by 50. Let’s say you scored 189 in JAMB, divide 189 by 400 and multiply by 50. Here’s a pictorial example below.

yabatech jamb aggregate

After you have calculated your JAMB aggregate, go to the next step.

Calculate your O’level aggregate using the YABATECH O’level grading system.

YABATECH O’level Grading System

Here’s the grading system that was used for last year. The same grading system might be used for this year.

A1 = 8.0 Marks.

B2 = 7.20 Marks.

B3 = 6.40 Marks.

C4 = 5.60 Marks.

C5 = 4.80 Marks.

C6 = 4.0 Marks.

For NABTEB, use the grading system below;

A1 = 8.0 Marks.

A2 = 7.20 Marks.

A3 = 6.40 Marks.

C4 = 5.60 Marks.

C5 = 4.80 Marks.

C6 = 4.0 Marks.

After you have calculated your total O’level aggregate, write down the score somewhere.

Bonus Mark

YABATECH gives candidates that are applying with one O’level result 10 marks while candidates that are combining two O’level results get 5 Marks.

Now that you have gotten the scores in the three stages, add the scores from the stages together.

yabatech post utme screening result

Your final answer is your YABATECH post-UTME screening score.

You can use your score to see how you performed with last year’s cut-off mark.

However, there’s a new Rector in YABATECH; he might decide to change the screening process. For now, let’s just keep our fingers crossed.



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