Chit-chat With a Psycho; Will Lover Girl Find a Solution?



Waaaaaw, you look good in jeans!

Well, you will look good in anything. You are a beautiful girl, my friend, don’t let one idiot turn you to something else. Now that you’ve freshened up, let go back to our discussion.

You are a princess, my queen. You are of the rarest species. You are the best kind of girl any guy could wish for. You are pretty. You have a wonderful smile and your laughter is a dose of painkillers.

Your eyes are shining and your body is a perfect size. You have flaws but they only make you more beautiful. You are God’s imperfectly perfect gift to mankind, a treasure in fact. You have a purpose other than to die for a boy. Die for anything.

No matter what you feel right now or what you are going through, though Death may have its appeal, it is not the only solution. Drowning yourself in floods of misery is out of it too.

Life is crazy, so is everything in it. The way Almighty created this world is so confusing, I don’t even force myself to understand it. You go through shit day-in-day-out. One moment you feel on top of the world, the next you feel the whole world is on your shoulders.

Life is a journey too. Every suffering, every pain has been designed to make you stronger, wiser. No matter how dark the end of the tunnel is, if there is life, there is hope.

Misery can only beget misery. Locking yourself up, listening to sad songs or crying your eyes out will never help. It like piercing an already open wound. You need to get that ass of yours up and move on. Yes, move on. When I say ‘move on’ I didn’t mean to cross to the other side of the bridge. It means you pick up the pieces and continue with your life. If you put an end to your existence, you suffer those you don’t know also.

For example, your future partner. The man that has been ordained to love you, to cherish you, to adore you. The man that will make you his first and last. The man that makes will your love and happiness his priority. The man that creates a paradise on Earth just for you. The man that you and only you will own. A real man, not some boy.

Even if he is to love another, they will be his children. Your offspring. Yours and his. I know you love children. A brown-eyed chubby-cheeks daughter and the dimpled face of a cute son. The daughter will be your second image. Maybe more beautiful than you. And your son! How handsome he will be. They will be everything you pray for. Their laughter will make you smile. Their noise will be your source of joy. Think of this damsel.

Imagine this. You and your beloved holding this little hands of happiness. Princes and Princesses calling you Mother. A king calling you wifey. Together you will build a home, no an empire, and protect, maintain and establish greatness. Long long nights of hot and super erotic sex. The pure pleasure of cuddling.

The cries and shouts of children. The beautiful smile on their faces as you dish out their food. The thank-yous. The worries, the concerns, the pride. Maybe your son is to be a world famous or your daughter, a most sought after. Imagine the joy! Just Imagine.

All these can’t be done in the grave. They can’t be achieved when you are dead. I know you want all these, why don’t you just move on and work towards that perfect future you’ve imagined for yourself.

You getting over him doesn’t mean you won’t fall in love again. Come on babe, off course you will fall in love again. It’s Nature and you can’t cheat Nature. The difference will be that you will be wiser and more mature.

O.k. I’ve heard you. I won’t say anything about it again. Accepted, I didn’t come here to talk about life, love, and death. Owww Yes! The tips.

Get Busy But Don’t Over Stress Yourself.

Life is interesting. All you need is to open your eyes to see it. There are a lot of things to be done. Things you could have done but you keep coming up with excuses not to. Is it a book you plan to read? Maybe it’s a skill you wish to learn. Is there something you mean to do? You could register for a class in something. This is the right time for you so do it.

Now listen: You shouldn’t use it as an excuse. It is very easy to overwork oneself just to escape the harsh truth of reality. The-more-I-work-the-less-I-think-about-it is a medication that kills slowly. Don’t try it.

Secondly: Associate With People Who Lift Up Your Spirit

This is the best time you need your friends. This is the time you need to let them in, to let them help you.
Hang out with people. Meet someone new. Blend in. Laugh, joke, party, read and study the word of God together with them. Open up to new ideas. Try new things. Set daily challenges for yourself, tackle and overcome them. Add interesting activities, things you love to do, to your weekly list.
Caution: Do not get too carried away. Don’t let your quest for emotional breakthrough allow you have attitudes that not only destroys you but also question your decency and individuality, most especially, your spiritual and moral life.

Thirdly: Accept That He Is Gone Because He Is

Stop weeping over spilled milk. Spoilt milk. Don’t hate him, I think I had emphasized enough on that. Just see him as a bad dream you have to wake up from and continue with your day. He is now in your past. Enjoy the memories you had with him but let bygone be bygone. Leave trash for LAWMA.

Lastly: You Will Miss Him So Don’t Fight It

There are times it will be just you, for instance, you can’t get busy in the night na. When darkness descends and loneliness set in. When you are at a party and you see couples hold hands. When you see a nice shirt you know will look good on him. When you have something bothering you and his is the first name that comes to your mind. Just smile. Remind yourself that though you enjoyed it, it’s over now. If your mind refuses to let go of the thought, try and look for something else that catches your attention.

You are more than what you have become, Darling. I believe you can do this. You are a warrior. A survivor. You are stronger than Goliath, richer in body and soul than Solomon, have more beauty than Yussuf because he that is in you is greater than anything in this world. Don’t believe anything else, you are the best. You just have to prove it.

All you require for life The Creator has given you, what else do you ask for? You need to find it. Search deep. Search in. Search out. Search around. Search everywhere. Open your eyes, mind, spirit and soul.

I know I may not be able to change your mind but I do hope I have been able to create another perspective for you to see from. So live, love, learn and enjoy life again. I beg you.

Now the choice is yours. The cards have been laid out on the table. The ball is in your court.

Permit me to take my leave now. I think I have done enough for today.


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