Chit Chat with a Psycho – Part 2


No no, it’s not him. It’s just Tunde, the plumber, calling to check
if the sink still leaks. Yes, you are good enough. No, you are
beautiful. Stop it girl. Stop making yourself feel worthless. Stop
making it feel as if it’s all your fault. Stop counting all your
flaws. There are no criteria for him to leave the way he did. I’m
sure he had noticed it all yet he made you believe he loved you,
despite. He is the fool here, he lost that one person who ever loved
him sincerely.

You always see him as a good boy, but you noticed somethings about
him. The attitude you ought to have corrected, but you love him and that’s what
Moreover, love isn’t a bed of roses, you’ve been told. There are
somethings you have to endure, people say.

You see my friend, I also noticed some things about him, but you were
so in love, so happy. Now don’t get angry at me! What if I had told
you anything, would you listen? Won’t you have just tagged me as a
‘bad belle’? Remember the other day Rita told you what she saw at the
club, you said he was justing having fun. You said he needed privacy.
You made her understand that you are a smart girl and you trust him. I
had to keep my mouth shut.

You don’t need to add regret to the list. Until you come to terms
with yourself, you might never know peace again. You don’t hate him.
Yes, you don’t hate him so stop arguing. You will probably stop
breathing if he walks in here right now. I know it’s going to be
really hard but you have to make yourself believe you do not hate him
and you’ll never will. How can you hate someone who you loved so much?

Until you find peace in the memories you had with him. You appreciate
that phrase of your life only he dominated. You realized despite how it
ends, the beginning was beautiful. You stop trying to forget
everything about him at once because you won’t. Until then, you will
just continue to die every second you live. Let me help you. I may
not look normal but I do have my uses. I know what you are thinking.
No, that wasn’t the reason I became like this. Actually, I won that
battle of mine even though it was tough. It was the hardest yet the
most interesting chapter of my life story.

You ask why it was the hardest? Well, I had to let go of him when I
was still madly in love with him. Just like you. Our story is quite
the same. No, I can’t brag about getting completely over him, but I
have learned to peacefully live with it.

You agree? What to do? Hmmm, I do have few tricks that worked for me
back then. There are ‘buts’ though and it’s going to take time. Some
conditions also worked in my favor which may not be present in your
case. There is no guarantee, but am glad you want to take such risk.

But first things first honey. Let’s take this rope down. Now give me
the knife. Come on baby girl. I won’t hurt you, you have enough pains
of your own. You won’t hurt me neither will you hurt yourself. You
won’t be needing it anymore but if you will, I’ll make sure I put it
somewhere near. But I’m certain you won’t.

Let’s now get you something to eat. Yes, eat. Don’t argue, you will
eat something. Anything. They say the journey to heaven is quite long,
you won’t want to die on an empty stomach na!
You then take a shower. Something quick. If you are really
determined to die, at least meet the angels with clean clothes.

Yes, after all these, we then sit down and talk. I can’t promise you
a solution but I do hope I’m able to convince you enough to make you
change your mind.

N.B: You won’t want to miss the concluding part, I bet you!
Who could have thought a psychopath could have relationship advice to offer?
Did lover girl make a mistake by talking to her?
Was she able to help?
What exactly were her advice?
I hope you find answers to your questions.
Au Revoir.


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