How To Create a Facebook Page For Your Business


facebook imageFacebook has grown from just being a social media website to a tool for doing business. Businesses can now leverage on the number of users on Facebook through the help of Facebook pages.

A Facebook page is quite different from your Facebook personal profile. While a personal profile lets you connect, share photos and videos with family and friends; a Facebook fan page allows Businesses, Companies, Public figures etc connect with customers and fans as the case may be.

A personal Facebook profile lets you have a maximum of 5000 friends. I have seen businesses that create a separate Facebook profile for their business. This is not actually a good idea. What happens when you have up to 5000 friends on that account? It’s even easier for people to like your Facebook page faster by running Facebook ads on your page. A personal Facebook profile does not give you the ability to run adverts.

There are a lot of benefits associated with having a Facebook page for your business. Besides, you don’t need to create another Facebook account; you can access your pages by logging into your personal account.

In this blog post, you will learn how to create a Facebook page, Edit your page and interact with your customers via your page.

How to Create a Facebook Page

How it’s done on a Mobile Phone

Log into your Facebook profile and go to this link to create a Facebook page.

Click on get started. Type a name for your page and click on next to continue.

Choose the category and sub-category your company or business fall into; e.g local business, company, music band, artist, brand etc. Make sure you select the best option that fits what you are into (though you can change later).

If I wanted to create a page for my E-commerce website, I’ll select website and blogs as the category and then E-commerce website as the sub-category. If it was a local business with a physical shop, I’ll select local business as the category.

Click on the next button to continue.

Now what you see on the next page depends on what you filled in the previous step. You may be asked to enter a website address or a physical address to your store or company.

How it’s done on a computer/Laptop

Visit this link to create your Facebook Page. Select the category your page falls into.

facebook page

Select the sub-category, enter your business name and fill out any other form you are asked to fill. Click on get started to continue.


Add a profile picture to your page. The profile picture could be your company logo or something about your business that your customers will recognize instantly when they see it. If you are a public figure, celebrity, or artist, you upload your picture as the page photo.

Upload a Facebook page cover. Buffer social suggests that you use an 820X462 pixels image. You could hire a graphic designer to do an awesome job for you or search for free Facebook cover templates on Google if you are in a hurry.

facebook page

Your Facebook cover photo is one of the first things people see when they visit your page. Make your cover page attractive and unique.

Congratulations, your Facebook page is now up and running. But you still have to do a little more tweaking.

How to create a Facebook page username

A username is like an identity to your page. A username makes it easy for customers to mention you on Facebook. It also makes your Facebook page link fancier. When you created your page initially, it comes with a series of names and numbers in the URL.

For example, here is a page I created just for fun.

Facebook page link

As you can see, the page URL is a bit long because I have not set the username.

I have set the Username now and it looks shorter and better than before.

Facebook page username
Click to enlarge

Click on “create username” below the page name and enter a nice name for your page. You have to pick a name that has not been used by anyone else on Facebook.

Once you have selected a username, click on “create username” to save.

Inviting Friends to Like your Page

Friends and families are your first customers or fans. Invite your friends to support you by liking your page.  Click on invite beside your friends’ name and profile pictures to invite them. You can invite as many as possible.

If you want to get more likes quickly; you could run a Facebook advert to get more likes.

Customize your page further by clicking on “see all page tips”. Complete all the tips recommended for better results.


Creating a Facebook page has a lot of benefits for your business. As a business owner, It is compulsory you own a Facebook page.

Post articles frequently on your Facebook page to keep your customers updated with the latest products, events and offers on your business. All work and no play, they say; makes Jack a dull boy. You could often post fun facts or images in your post to boost customers engagement.

You should also secure your Facebook account as there have been reports of a Facebook account being compromised and page ownership transferred.



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