How to create GIF pictures with free app


create gif picturesYou have seen one of those funny GIF pictures and you wonder how they are created. Or you might be an Image professional looking for a free GIF app on your computer. In this post, you will get a free GIF software/app and you also see how to use this free app to create GIF pictures.

What are GIF pictures?

GIF stands for Graphic Interchange Format. It is a kind of animated or moving picture. Web or app developers use GIF images to add interactive images on websites or mobile apps. GIF images are images arranged in a sequence and animated to create a moving effect.

create Gif picture

How to create GIF pictures with Free App

There are many online GIF creators on the net but they require internet connectivity to use. There’s a software that you can use to create GIF pictures and this app/software is totally free to use; this wonderful app is Photoscape.

Photoscape is a simple photo editing software. Apart from creating GIF pictures, this app can do lots of other things with pictures. We would soon be writing a complete review on what you can do with Photoscape.

Download Photoscape from here for free.

Note: Photoscape is a computer software. There is no Android or iOS app for Photoscape right now.

How to create GIF pictures with Photoscape

Step 1:

Open the Photoscape software and click on “Animated GIF”

photoscape gif creator

Step 2:

Drag and drop all the images you want to animate (in the right sequence) into the large area.

Photoscape gif creator

Step 3:

By the right-hand side of the software, you can customize your GIF image to suit your preference. You can customize the time it takes the GIF image to change, you can customize the swipe layout if need be, you can also customize the image size.

photoscape gif creator

That’s all you need to do to create your own GIF picture. This app is easy to use, you just need to add your creativity to make your GIF picture stand out.


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