How to Create a YouTube Channel


Just as MTV base or CNN is to television, a Youtube channel is to the internet. A Youtube channel is a personal or business page on YouTube that contains videos of any kind. It can be owned by an Individual or a business.

In this article, you will learn the benefits of a Youtube channel, how to open a YouTube channel and some loads of other titbits.

First of all,

What is YouTube?

YouTube is an online video sharing platform owned by Google. It was founded in February 2005. Youtube allows anybody with a Google account upload videos online for free. Youtube is also a video search engine where you can search for any kind of video contents from around the world.

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According to Alexa rankings, It is the second most visited website in the world after Google and followed by Facebook.

Why You should Create a Youtube Channel

Here are some of the reasons why you should create your own Youtube channel today.

Free Video Platform

Youtube allows everyone to upload videos for free. For website owners, you do not need to upload videos on your web server as this would slow down your server or make you pay more for server space. When you upload videos to Youtube, you allow Youtube to host your video for free while you embed the video on your website.

It is the easiest way to broadcast yourself both internationally and locally through videos.

Free Traffic from Search Engines

Once your videos are on Youtube, it becomes visible on the internet. You get free traffic from Google and other search engines – Traffic in the sense of people seeing your videos.

Google owns Youtube. So in a bid to make YouTube relevant, Google mostly display videos from Youtube on search results before videos from other platforms. This way, it is easier for your videos to show up on Google search when someone searches about something related to your video.

Free Traffic from Youtube

You also get free video views from Youtube. How does this happen?

While watching a video on Youtube, there are suggestions to watch other similar videos. If a user is watching a video on how to bake a cake, they will get suggestions to watch other videos related to baking cakes in the video suggestion tab.

For example, let’s say you have uploaded a video of yourself singing Wizkid’s Ojuelegba song, while other YouTubers are watching the Video, they may get a suggestion to watch your own video.

This way, you get free traffic even when you are new to Youtube. You really don’t need to be a superstar to get views on Youtube.

People Love Videos

Blog posts and articles are getting boring. The human brain easily gets fatigued while reading long articles. A video content can convey a message that a 5,000-word article is trying to convey within 5 minutes.

Besides, it’s not everyone that likes to read.

Make Money From Youtube

While watching Youtube videos, you see various kinds of adverts. These adverts make money for Google and the channel owners. Companies and business owners pay Google money to put those adverts on videos created by channel owners; Google, in turn, pays a percentage of this money to its Youtube publishers. Google has stated that it pays its publishers 68% of total revenue generated from an advert.

Note: Youtube channel owners are also called Youtube publishers.

With a Youtube channel enabled with Google Adsense, you can simply make money by uploading videos and getting people to watch them.

This is one of the ways Youtube channels like MarkAngelComedy and CrazeClown are using to make money.

Check out some of the Highest Paid Youtube Channel owners and how much they earn.

How to Create a Youtube Personal Channel

  • Create a Google account if you don’t already have one. If you do, skip to the next step.
  • Visit and sign in with your Google account.
  • Click on the user-menu icon and click on “My Channel”. Alternatively, you could click this link.
  • Enter your correct name and create your Youtube channel.

If you are a business or brand owner, opening a Youtube business channel is preferable to a personal channel. A Youtube business/brand channel can add other Youtube users to help in managing the channel while this is not possible with a personal Youtube channel.

Also, a Youtube business channel can have a single name which is the name of the company. On a personal Youtube channel, you cannot use a brand name or a single name; you must use your real name.

How to Create a Youtube Business Channel

If you already have a Youtube personal channel and you want to convert it to a business channel, follow the steps in the next paragraph.

How to Convert Personal Youtube Channel to Business Channel

First of all, create a Youtube business channel (if you’ve not) using the steps above then use the steps below to change your Youtube channel to a business channel.

  • Sign in to your Youtube personal account.
  • Go to advanced settings. You can access advanced settings by clicking on your account icon, scroll down to advanced.
  • Under “Account Information”, click on “move channel to Brand account”.
  • Enter your password.
  • Select the Brand/business channel you want to connect it with.
  • In the already has a Youtube channel box, click on delete channel.
  • Check how your channel name will look like after moving, then click on Move channel.

move youtube channel

Although, most social media websites are including video features; for now, none of them beats Youtube. If you are considering promoting yourself or your business through videos, create a Youtube channel today.



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