Dear Future Husband


Dear Future Husband,

I’m an African girl who has been brought up with care and manners,

The negative impact of civilization will have nothing to do with us.

I will keep the heritage that was passed onto me by my mothers,

That is to respect, adore and worship you, my husband.


Dear Future Husband,

I will be your peace of mind.

You will always be happy and people will ask you why.

You will be proud to say I am your woman,

And I will be boastful of you being my man.


Dear Future Husband,

I have honed up my skills to the best levels.

Your happiness will be my No-1-priority.

Satisfying you will be my main duty.

Your prayers and praises, I look forward to.


Dear Future Husband,

I will be your dream girl, everything you wish for.

You need a shoulder, an ear, or a heart to pour it out to?

Come on baby, what am I here for!

I will be your joy, your comfort.


Dear Future Husband,

In me, you will find a treasure, a rare gem.

You will find a beauty, a warrior, and a backbone.

A best friend, a companion, a mother and a soulmate.

A business adviser and a prayer partner.


Dear Future Husband,

I am no dullard or dummy,

I’ll help you with your business goals and plans.

Together, we will make your name a success,

Together, we will build and control an empire.


Dear Future Husband,

Honesty is one of my many virtues.

Never will I breach the trust you have in me.

No secret will I hold from you, I promise,

Whatever is mine is ours.


Dear Future Husband,

Do you know the kitchen is my favorite place?

I will feed you delicacies beyond your imagination.

Never will you eat out when I’m around, even if we had a fight.

Eateries won’t appeal to you when you think of home.


Dear Future Husband,

House-keeping is my hobby.

Come in anytime with you friends and family,

I’m certain you will meet our home neat and tidy.

I will make us the envy of everyone.


Dear Future Husband,

Looking presentable, I will learn every day.

No clothes that will question my dignity as a woman,

But I will dress-up like the queen that I am.

I will be a SnowWhite for you, my dear.


Dear Future Husband,

When I’m with you, I will be extra romantic.

Wear skimpy dresses that always gives you a hard-on.

You won’t even notice those broom-like-legs girls eyeing you.

When you hear the word SEXY, I will be the first person you think of.


Dear Future Husband,

Just tell me how you want it because I’m ever ready.

Fast, slow, crazy or sensual?

Naughty-naughty styles that will blow your mind?

Or maybe you just want to cuddle and rest your head on my ‘pillows’.


Dear Future Husband,

Tell me anything you want or need, my love.

If I don’t have or I don’t know how, I’ll learn.

Just to put a smile on your face, I will look for it.

Anything for you, my baby.


Dear Future Husband, my beauty will dazzle you every time.

My beauty will dazzle you every time.

A flat belly is a most, a fit body is compulsory.

Facials and body scrubs to keep my skin flawless,

I will make sure I’m pretty without make-up on.


Dear Future Husband,

If you have anything bothering you, please tell me.

Don’t try hiding it from me because I’ll notice.

Let’s join hands and make it work,

Remember we are one in everything.


Dear Future Husband,

I am a prayer warrior, in case you don’t know.

I will pray for you, pray with you.

I will fight for you, support you.

Marrying me will be much more than just a blessing.


Dear Future Husband,

I know we will have our share of quarrels and disagreements,

But I’m sure we will see it through.

Because we serve a God that is All-Powerful,

We will make him our strength, and his Word, our guide.


Dear Future Husband,

Coming home will make you think of heaven.

Together, we will raise kings and queens.

We will be role models to our kids.

Ours will be that one-of-a-kind special family.


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