FaceApp for Android: Alter your looks easily with FaceApp


Faceapp for android effects2After its success on the Apple iOS store, FaceApp for Android is now available on the google play store. FaceApp is an application that transforms your face with just a single tap. This photo editing app can help you achieve the following results;

1. Adds a beautiful smile to your face

faceapp for android smile

2. Change gender from male to female or vice versa

faceapp for android gender

3. Make your future self (Look older)

faceapp for android old

4. Make your picture look younger

faceapp for android old

You can download this app from the Android play store. The app is free but it contains adverts. FaceApp for Android is compatible with android devices running android 4.4 Kitkat and above. The app only takes 7.78mb of your memory space.

How to Use FaceApp for Android

First of all, you should note that this app works with your mobile data. You need to keep your data on to use the app. The app obviously uses the front and back camera of your phone. If the quality of your camera is poor, you might not get great results.

Open the app and face either the front or back camera. Immediately the face icon on your screen disappears, click the round white button to snap if you are satisfied with your appearance. Wait for the app to upload your picture to its server and sync back to your device for editing.

Note: You could also select images with faces on your device to edit.

FaceApp for Android
Wait for the face icon to disappear before pressing the round white button

Swipe through the effects to see all the available effects you can choose from. Select the effect you want and notice the changes on the image. cool huh?

Faceapp swipe
Swipe through to see all effects

To use the male or female effect, you have to make the image a collage first. You click on collage to that.

You can download/save the images you have edited to your device by clicking on the arrow down button located at the bottom-right of the app.

FaceApp adds watermarks to the images. Luckily you can remove the watermark from the image by clicking on the gear icon and tick “remove watermarks”.

I love this app. Here is what we did with Popular Nigerian artist, 2face Idibia.

2face idibia faceapp image

Now that’s cool 🙂


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