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Just recently, I needed to merge two images together and upload to a website that only accepts PDF files. I used some tools online but was not satisfied with what I got. I found the perfect tool to convert JPG to PDF after a little testing.

jpg to pdf converter

One thing I noticed when I convert JPG to PDF was that the text became bolder than they were in JPG format. And also, sometimes the PDF file might be the same size with JPG image or a slight difference.

JPG2PDF.COM converts JPG to PDF easily

Jpg2pdf converter is the one tool you need convert JPG to PDF and vice versa.

The website is completely free to use, no need for registrations. There are no watermarks on the converted PDF files.

The website also comes with a lot of other conversion tools relating to PDF’s and Jpeg format. keeps the uploaded files for only one hour. After that, the files are deleted from the server.

JPG2PDF also converts the following;

  1. PDF to DOC.
  2. PDF to DOCX.
  3. PDF to Text.
  4. PDF to JPG.
  5. PDF to PNG.
  6. XPS to PDF.
  7. PDF compressor (reduce the size of the PDF file).
  8. Combine different PDF files.
  9. Converts any other text file to PDF.

How to convert JPG to PDF

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Upload the jpg file you want to convert to PDF here. Note that you can upload as many images as possible.


Step 3: Allow the file(s) to upload.

Step 4: Click on the download button below each image to download the PDF files individually or click  combined to download all the images as one PDF file.

This is one of the best JPG to PDF converter on the web.

Do you have any other tool that beats this? Let’s hear in the comment.


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