How to Export wallet to Mycelium


bitcoin is one of the most popular Bitcoin wallets around. In recent times, there have been issues of delayed transfers and high transaction charges. I, for instance, made a payment as small as $4; I was charged approximately $3 transaction fee and yet the payment wasn’t successful. After two days of waiting, the Bitcoin was refunded to my account but the transaction charge wasn’t refunded.

I am not the only person experiencing such issue. In this post, I will show you how I moved my Bitcoin wallet from to Mycelium by exporting private keys.

Why Mycelium wallet?

Mycelium wallet is one of the safest Bitcoin wallets around. It is a mobile based Bitcoin wallet with advanced security. It is also safe and very fast.

I make my payments with Mycelium, the transaction fees are low and the transfers are confirmed within a short period of time; most times, less than a minute.

The export process is quite easy. I will show you how it is done with images.

The first step is to export private keys.

How to Export Private Wallet

Step 1: Login to your wallet.

Step 2: Click on the Security center. security

Step 3: Click on Backup recovery phase —> Backup Phrase —> Next Step. backup phrase

Step 4: Copy or write down the twelve words and paste it into a notepad or word document. phrase

Step 5: Go back to your dashboard, click on send and copy the Bitcoin wallet address. Also, save the Bitcoin wallet address in a notepad or word document.

blockchain receive

Step 6: Now, you need to access the Bip39 generator. For security reasons, it is advisable to clone/download the repository on Github and use it offline. If you are convenient with using the online version, click here to access the online Bip39 Generator and skip to step 7. Follow the tutorial below to learn how you can use the Bip39 generator offline;

Download the offline version of Bip39 Generator here. Unzip the file on your computer and open the bip39-standalone.html on your computer.

bip39 html

Step 7: Copy the twelve words (Pass Phrase) you wrote without the numbers. Check the image below.


Step 8: Paste the passphrase in the BIP39 Mnemonic box and wait for it to calculate.

Step 9: Scroll down to Derived addresses, look for the Bitcoin wallet address you copied earlier. You can do this by using ctrl+F on windows or cmd-space in mac.

Step 10: If you find the same bitcoin wallet address then you are on the right part. Copy all the codes in the “Account Extended Private Key”

Copy all the codes in the “Account Extended Private Key” and paste it somewhere; you will need it later.

If you do not understand this part, you can watch the video below.

How to Import your Wallet into Mycelium

Download Mycelium wallet app if you do not already have it on your mobile device. Open the Mycelium app, click on the Accounts tab and click on the key icon.

mycelium wallet

Finally, click on the clipboard to paste the wallet account extended key you copied —> Give the wallet a name and press okay.

If everything went well, your Bitcoin balance will show up in your Mycelium wallet.

However, you can watch the video below to understand this part better.

If there is any part you do not understand, ask questions using the comment box below.


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