Instagram Desktop App: How to use Instagram on Computer


Instagram works on both mobile phones and computers but there’s a little problem; You can’t upload pictures on Instagram through a computer. In this article, you will learn how to upload pictures on an Instagram desktop app.

Why should you learn this?

Professional photographers who use Instagram for business need to take snapshots with a DSLR camera, edit the photo on a laptop computer or desktop then move the photo to a mobile phone before uploading it on Instagram. With this new found knowledge, you can upload photos with your desktop computer immediately after editing it.

If you use your computer more than your mobile phone; this is also for you.

How to Use Instagram on Computer

There are three ways to go about this; You can do this directly on Google Chrome or Opera Mini, by installing a Chrome extension or by using an Android Emulator.

Install the Chrome Extension

There is an unofficial Google Chrome Instagram extension that supports uploading of photos to Instagram via computer.

If your favorite browser is Google Chrome, install the “Desktop for Instagram” extension on your Google Chrome browser. After you have installed the extension, it will appear on your Google Chrome toolbar with an Instagram logo. If you use Opera mini, you can install “Install Chrome extensions“; this extension will allow you to install Google Chrome extensions on Opera Mini.

Click on the Instagram logo on your Chrome toolbar whenever you want to use Instagram on your computer. Login to the Instagram desktop app and use it the same way you would use the mobile app.

instagram desktop app

This Instagram extension also allows you to download and share images.

Use Directly on Google Chrome or Opera Mini

This method is a little bit more technical. It works by you making your web browser show the mobile version of When you view the mobile version of Instagram on your browser, it automatically allows you upload photos and videos.

  1. Visit on your computer.
  2. Go to developer tools. You can find this on Google Chrome by clicking the three dots on the toolbar, scroll down to more tools and click developer tools. For Opera Mini, click the Opera logo at the top left-hand side, scroll down to developer and select Developer tools.
  3. Click on the mobile/tablet icon to switch to mobile view. See the image below for more details.instagram desktop app
  4. Reload the page till you see the upload button at the bottom of the page.instagram mobile icons
  5. Click on the plus icon to upload any photo or video.

How to Use on Computer with Android Emulator

An Android emulator is a computer software that lets you use Android apps on a computer. Nox app player is one Android emulator we recommend. You can check our article on how to Install Nox app player.

Download and Install Nox app player on your computer. Instagram comes usually pre-installed into Nox app player; if you don’t find it there, open Google Playstore on the Nox player and install Instagram.

The Instagram view on Nox app player is exactly as it is on an Android phone so you do not need any further step to upload photos or videos.

Nox app player could slow your system if your computer does not have the required system configuration. So we do not really recommend this option unless you will be using Nox app player for other Android apps and games.

Instagram is an amazing app. We hope maybe someday the developers will allow users to upload photos and videos through the Instagram website without any third party app or any special step.

Which option do you prefer to use to access Instagram on your computer?


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