Internet Download Manager (IDM) – Fastest Download Manager for PC


Internet download manager (IDM)IDM is the acronym for the internet download manager app for PC. This app is so popular as it is the fastest download manager you can find for a PC computer. With IDM, users can download video from Youtube, facebook, Vimeo, MP3 files and every kind of document you can think of. If you read our post on how to download Youtube videos, you will notice internet download manager is one of the apps we wrote about.

This app is very easy to use. Once it is successfully installed, it automatically brings out a download button when a video or mp3 media file is embedded in a website.  Immediately the download button is clicked, it begins downloading very fast.

When you download this app for the first time, you get 30 days free trial. After the trial is exhausted, you pay $24 for the full version. The 30 days free trial comes with all the full features, so it’s the same value you get after paying for the full version. The money paid is a one-time fee and you get free upgrades.

Features of Internet Download Manager

  • Internet download manager (IDM) downloads files very fast
  • Downloads can be paused and resumed
  • IDM integrates with browsers like chrome and firefox making it easier to download videos
  • Schedule downloads to download at a later time
  • View complete downloads
  • IDM works with proxy servers

How to Download and Install IDM

Download Internet Download manager free from here and enjoy 30 days free trial. After the download is complete, double-click the file to install. Once the installation is complete, the next step is to integrate internet download manager with Firefox, Chrome or any of your favorite web browser.

How to integrate IDM Download manager with Browsers

This is actually needed to be done so that the Internet download manager can work seamlessly with your favorite web browser.

Open the IDM app and click on the options tab, click the General tab and make sure to tick the browsers available. It’s not compulsory you tick all the browsers, you could just select the web browsers you use.

Now open the browser you want to integrate with IDM and click the settings tab, click on extensions and enable IDM if it is not already enabled.

How to configure IDM Download Manager with Proxy

Internet download manager works perfectly fine with proxy servers. You can set up IDM to work with proxy servers by following the simple step below.

Open IDM and click Options > General > Proxy/Socks. Click on use proxy and setup the proxy server with the correct server address.


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