LASPOTECH Part-Time Form 2019/2020


laspotech part time

The Lagos State Polytechnic, LASPOTECH part-time form for candidates who are interested in the part-time programme of the Lagos state-owned institution is now available. The college has not announced a deadline for the part-time form yet.

Before you apply for the form, you need to know the list of courses available for the LASPOTECH Part-time programme.

List of Courses Offered in LASPOTECH Part Time OND

  1. Management and Business Studies

  1. Accountancy.
  2. Business Administration.
  3. Banking and Finance.
  4. Insurance.
  5. Office Technology Management.
  6. Marketing.
  1. Communication and Liberal Studies

  1. Mass Communication.
  1. Technology

  1. Computer Science.
  2. Food Technology.
  3. Hospitality Management.
  1. Pure and Applied Technology

  1. Science Laboratory Technology (SLT).
  1. Environmental Studies

  1. Building Technology.
  2. Estate Management.
  1. Engineering Technology

  1. Computer Engineering.
  2. Chemical Engineering.
  3. Civil Engineering.
  4. Electrical/Electronics Engineering.
  5. Mechanical Engineering.

If you have already done your Ordinary National Diploma (OND) programme in Lagos State Polytechnic or another school, you can do the following Higher National Diploma (HND) courses in the part-time programme.

List of Courses offered in LASPOTECH Part Time HND

  1. Management and Business Studies

  1. Accounting.
  2. Banking and Finance.
  3. Business administration and Management.
  4. Insurance.
  5. Marketing.
  6. Office Technology and Management.
  1. Communication and Liberal Studies

  1. Mass communication with options in Print and Media.
  1. Technology

  1. Computer Science.
  1. Engineering

  1. Civil Engineering.
  2. Electrical/Electronics Engineering with options in the following;
    1. Electronics and Telecommunication.
    2. Electrical Power and Machines.
  3. Computer Engineering.
  4. Mechanical Engineering with options in the following;
    1. Manufacturing.
    2. Power Plant.
  1. Pure and Applied Science

  1. Microbiology.

There are other courses but these are the only courses available for the LASPOTECH part-time programme.

Before you can apply for the form, you need to have the proper requirements to apply for the programme.

LASPOTECH Part Time Requirements

Requirements for OND

To apply for the OND programme, you only need your SSCE result, either WAEC, GCE, NECO or NABTEB, you can use any to apply for the part-time programme.

You must have at five least credits in specific subjects. The five subjects depend on the OND course you want to study.

We have written a post on the O’level subjects required to study each course in Lagos State Polytechnic.

Requirements for HND

The Higher National Diploma programme in LASPOTECH is a two years programme that earns you an HND degree from the prestigious Lagos State Polytechnic.

To apply for this programme, you must have at least credits in five required subjects in your SSCE result and an Ordinary National Diploma programme in either Lagos State Polytechnic or any NBTE recognized Polytechnic.

You can check our article on the five subjects required to study any course in LASPOTECH.

Benefits of the LASPOTECH Part Time Programme

  1. The LASPOTECH part-time programme is fast.
  2. The programme allows you to work and study.
  3. You earn an OND or HND degree from a reputable Polytechnic in Nigeria.
  4. It allows you to gain admission without writing JAMB.
  5. After your OND, you could switch over to full time in your HND or continue with part-time.
  6. You can go to any other polytechnic in Nigeria or outside of Nigeria to finish your education.
  7. You could do a direct entry to any university to complete your studies. With a direct entry, you graduate with a

How to Apply for the LASPOTECH Part-Time Form

Candidates can apply for the form online at If you need assistance with the registration, click the button below.

Click here to Apply



  1. Comment:I applied for nd part time regular and I hv been give admission today but they ask me to pay my acceptance fee and am not at home. Hope if I pay on Monday they won’t be any problem.

  2. Am a accountancy student i finish my ND in last two 2 years, can i know the school fees for HND 1? i want to apply for HND, i know the form is 7,500. please i will like to know the amount for the school fees.
    Thank you.

  3. Hello sir …. I have b3 in math, c6 in english ,b3 in gorvenment ,c4 in economiss , d7 in yoruba …..pls can i still apply sir…..

  4. I have c6 in maths, c4 in English, b3 in financial accounting, c4 in commerce and b3 in civic education. Can I apply for accountancy?

  5. Good afternoon. Please can I combine Nabteb and waec result together? I don’t have Physics in my Waec but I do in my Nabteb, I don’t have English in my Nabteb but I do in my waec. I have all other courses though. I want to study computer Science,

  6. please I want to know if there will be an examination or test conducted before been admitted

  7. I was trying to fill in the form online and I was told to make payment of 7500 including bank charges of #300 making it the total of #7800 but it’s writing transaction pending on my profile since on Wednesday please what can I do

  8. good afternoon thanks for the reply
    i have another question how can i pay for my acceptance fee can it be paid at the bank ?

  9. Sir, I ve been trying to register online since on Monday buy the website isn’t going through plz when is it going to be rectified. Thank you

    • The website is going through. Maybe you should go to a Cyber cafe/Business centre to get it done.

  10. Comment:pls my o, level is much complete wit marketing,i prefer S.L.T Bt I want to wave mate.. I luckily got c4 in math.. am math disability… can I go for it

  11. I applied for ND part time regular for computer science… Pls Where is my campus and where can I do clearance cos they said in my profile dat I Av not been cleared

  12. Pls I av maths, English, economics, marketing, crs, data processing, can I study biz admin pls

  13. Please is it that hand part time student don’t receive lecture at isolo campus pls I want to be sure before I apply for my hand…thank

  14. I studied bus administration in Aifpu during Nd. Will I be allowed to studied accountancy in HND.

  15. Good afternoon sir
    please i applied for ND part time mass communication a week ago and am yet to know my admission status but it was stated that you can know your status 24 hrs after applying
    why is mine taking time or is there a problem ?

  16. Comment:am a science student can i studied mass communication cuz i v government and economics,agric and biology

  17. Hello, I have created a profile but have been trying to make the payment and it’s not gping through I have tried and Wat I keep seeing is waiting for one time password which almost a day now… what do I do?

  18. Comment:pls sir, I want to collect laspotech part time form and I have math, English, literature, government, civic-education. I want to study mass communication, will they give me admission

  19. gud afternon sir i want apply for nd form full time isolo branch but i score 169 in jamb…..can i apply?i want to study business administration and management

      • wen and hw……is it compulsory i go to d school b4 i can apply 4 d form…..i want to get d form 2morrow plz hw much is it and hw can i get it here in olodi apapa

  20. Sir, pls am a working class and I want to fodder more my education.and I don’t have much Chance, can I operate one week on one week off.would that affect me sir?

  21. Please I want to know I have filled the ND, part time form & am just waiting for notification I want to know if they send me the notification can I go to any cyber cafe to continue of payment of acceptance fees apart of the cyber cafe that I got the form from plz I need someone help

  22. Hello 👋 sir, I’m done with my registration nd I’ve been offered a provisional admission nd I’m being asked to go to ikorodu campus for my medicals, I really don’t know how 2go about it… I’m a working class lady…

    • You have to create time for it. Although, the medical screening has not commenced.

      • Gm sir, when is the medical screening Commercing? Bcus base on the information from the site… I was given within a week of my acceptance payment fee to finish up my medical registration. @ ikorodu campus?

        • it has not commence yet, i have been there. you are to go to ikorodu campus in second week of August for the medical screening. That is what i was told when i visted there.

    • i have been to ikorodu campus, the medical will proceed be 2nd week of August, and they operate only on Monday and Tuesday. so take note…

  23. pls have been trying to buy the form but my card is not accepted…i use someone else card still same reply….hope is from the sch or wat

  24. Pls sir can I study office technology management wit 5credits and d7 in maths and later complete d results

    • Mathematics is compulsory for Office Technology Management. You can visit the school ICT building to find out if you can be offered admission while you get the result later

  25. Baba I hail o! I beg u kno if Yabatech go sell pt form dis year after their pronouncements as City Uni?Asap plz.

  26. Hello sir,wen will lectures commence fully.Do u ave any ldea on DAT cus am a working class lady.l just want to know so DAT I will know wen to tell my boss DAT I will quit working so as to face my studies. Pls reply sir.Tnx

  27. Sir please I av maths,English, chemistry, physics, geography, economics all credits but biology d7 pls can I apply for hospitality management or which other course can I study with these result.

  28. Hello dear can someone used o’level in waec scoring about 7credit including English D7 to admit in laspotech and he wants to study business administration

  29. Surulere campus part time day what time do they renceive lectures is it in the morning or evening

      • Please sir i have d6 in my english ,but i have the rest subjet,and i want to read computer science,is it possible or i can use are waiting result ,or any other course

        • You cannot use an awaiting result. Although you can apply for any O’level exam now, when the result comes out, you apply for the form. There’s a high possibility that the form would be extended to December.

  30. Pls sir, I completed my OND in another school last year. What are my chances of getting admitted using two sitting, upper credit, still on my 1Year IT program, into Computer Science department part time???

  31. ple how much is the form for part-time and how much is the school school,what and what did their require

  32. Plz am applying for ND form, wanna study marketing for part time. Plz is there any possibility dat I’ll be given admission in Ikorodu?

  33. good day to you sir, please i need information about O.N.D full time programme. when will the form come out and how do i apply for it.

  34. please sir i did science in secondary school can i use it for business administration? urgent reply sir.

    • OND result is a requirement for candidates applying for Higher National Diploma (HND). You can apply with your NECO result.

  35. pls sir, if i have done my OND in another school where i studied accounting wih a lower credit, can i swicth to insurance for HnD IN LASPOTECH

  36. plz sir, can i apply for mass communication with no results.. i mean awaiting results for part time

  37. Comment: Hello. I did my OND @ mapoly since 2015. I want to do my HND at laspotech.. pls I need d full details on how to go about it.. My WhatsApp number 08032984204… Thanks

  38. Please i have a pass in my ond, can i apply for hnd with it as am already doing my IT. I really need an answer asap. Thanks

    • Since you had a pass in OND, you need to do a two years IT before you can apply for HND.

  39. Comment: i have maths c5,english c6,account c6,amimal husbandry c6,civic education c6,commerce d7, government f9,yoruba c6 and economic c6 can i use this result to study accounting sir

    • LASPOTECH does not offer Economics. No Polytechnic in Nigeria offers Economics as a course.

  40. Sir pls you didn’t reply my prev messages pls do and what time of the form year does the form come out sir tnks

    • There’s no certain time. Kindly read the article so you see how to get info when the form comes out.

  41. Pls when is the form coming out? Some people said is out, some said is 11500, other said is 10000, another said is 7000

    Pls I want to really know the actual month d form will be out?

  42. Pls how much is the part time sch fees for BAM in a session….and I also want to know if the sch fee is paid by per semester or by session?


  44. Sir… Cam ï study computer science with..

  45. Greeting to the admin. Please how many times in a year does laspotech part time form comes out?

  46. Please when is part time form for Laspotech is going to be out, can I apply science laptory technology with this result s is NABTEB,
    English, C4,
    Maths, A3
    Physics, C6
    Chemistry, c4
    Biology, C4
    Geography, C6
    Economics, p7
    CRS ,C4

  47. pls i had my ond at laspotech some years back but i haven’t collected my result and now i want to apply for hnd still at the same sch and campus pls how do i go about it cos i no they will request for my ond result

  48. Comment:sir I av maths c4,eng a1,physics c4,chemistry a1,economics a1 and biology d7 pls am I qualified for hospitality management or what other course can I study with this result kindly reply ASAP tnks

  49. Please sir I studied business administration in my diploma in laspotech so I want to know if I can change to any other management course in hnd cuz I’m thinking of purchasing the form when it’s out. Thanks

    • You may be allowed to change to another course. Go to the admission office to inquire about the courses you can change to.

  50. I did my OND in laspotech hospitality management and i now find out that laspotech didn’t offer hospitality management in HND pls that can I do? Or where can I continue my HND?

  51. what can I study with this type of result
    English- b3

  52. Please my result is excluding maths only but I have English and others
    Can’t I be considered or given another course

    • Mathematics is compulsory for all the courses. If you have another result, you can combine both

  53. Good morning, please can I still get the part time hnd form today if still available? Please reply asap. Thanks.

  54. Thank you, i have paid the acceptance fee. Am i to pay any money for medical so that i will know how much i will take along when going to the medical center

  55. Please i have been admitted at laspotech but i have not payed the acceptance fee yet, hope they will not forfeit the admission? and when will the payment process end.

  56. Hello, how can this result fly in laspotech. I’d like to know which course this result is capable of studying in Lagos State Polytechnic

    English Language C5
    Mathematics C5
    Government B3
    Economics B3
    Christian Religious Study B3
    Biology B3
    Commerce C4
    Yoruba Language C6

    Result attained at two sittings.

    Your timely response would be gratefully appreciated.

  57. Mr chris, pls i have diploma in banking and finance from benpoly in 2006, have been working since then can i apply for HND part time study . if yes pls kindly send the direction to ur cafe for registration. pls am awaiting your response have sent msgs but u haven’t reply any . thanks

  58. Pls When is the closing date for the ND Registration? cus i can only see the extended date for HND which is September, does that implies to the ND too.

  59. Sir , I hav ond in agric engineering n I hav already paid before l know d course is not offered at part time programm.but l chose closely related course mechanical engineering.pls am confused

  60. sir pls I had e8 on my o level result ..and I want to do computer science for part time ..will the accept it ..but they are telling me to make up fifth credite before I graduate it real?

  61. Hell sir, I want to know when the strike will be over, because I will like to come and do my screening in isolo center for part time study, what date can I come and do it

  62. Hi sir, Pls when is the screening going to commence and when is resumption date for HND PT weekend? Am seeing 9th of October as resumption date but someone is telling me that resumption date is 19th. Am really confusing.

  63. Hi mr Christopher is the ND part time form still available, and the part time regular is it isolo or ikorodu annexx

  64. I have purchased my form and pay my acceptance fee when going for registration do I need to pay for any other things so that I will know how much to go with

  65. pls can I go for clearance wen there is strike. I
    need quick answer before it late. cus I
    registered nd pay acceptance fee nd third party
    fee they sdy I should go for clearance wen
    there is strike will I.c someone to attend to me

  66. Good Afternoon, Please can i study accounting without having credit in economic, but i av credit in commerce. please is it possible.

  67. pls sir I have done my addmision
    and I have print out all the credentials. but I don’t know weda they are real .will they accept it there?

  68. When is the strike going to be call of so that I can come and do my screening at Isolo center for the school of part time

  69. Pls sir I have payed for d admission form, acceptance fees and third party fees for business administration/management.
    Where should I suppose to do my clearance, is it at ikorodu, surulere or isolo.

  70. Hello Chris
    Pls I want to know the procedure and amount involved in the spots regular form.
    I have paid for acceptance 15300 and I have the letter.
    What should I do next?
    When am I going for medical, where and how much will I pay?
    When am I doing my clearance, is it when the school resume and how much will I pay?
    What is third party payment?
    How much is my school fee, is it inclusive of medical and clearance?
    Lastly, how many semesters and years am I using for my ND programme?
    Awaits your reply.

  71. Good evening sir, I will like to know when the strike will be call off, so that I can come and do my screening in the school

  72. Mr Chris pls can I go for my clearance before we start taking lectures in October or I will do it together during October

  73. Gud mrnin Mr Chris. Pls I already bought and fill d form. I want to study accounting at ikorodu, buh I heard no accounting at ikorodu and I don’t want to govto isolo bcus ikd is nearer to me . pls sir in did case wat can I do pls.

  74. Please mr Christopher, i have paid my acceptance fee for hnd (pt)…but my OND certificate is not yet ready,at what point will laspotech request for my ond certificate????

  75. Good evening sir Chris
    Please I have applied and paid all fees and I was told to come for clearance…I want to ask if I registered in isolo can I be receiving lectures in surulere? And after my clearance can I start receiving lectures immediately??thanks

  76. Pls I’ve collected d form already waiting for names to come out so that I’ll proceed to pay acceptance fee. So re d names out? Pls I need an answer. Part time ND


  78. Hello sir/ma, I want to apply for part time studies at laspotech and of which am through with my ssce since 2015 but the only problem am having now is that I have pass in my mathematics and of which am just through with the just concluded 2017 neco and am waiting for the result to come out by September as we have being told, and the course am going for is accounting which its at isolo. My question is this can I pay online for the form with that my said result ? After my registration on platform.

  79. Please because of distance issue, can someone make all d payment for me till resumption level or can I do it with my phone here?

  80. k now we going to pay the acceptance
    fee nd Skul fee online. nd pls how
    much is the Skul fee nd can we pay

  81. k now we going to pay the acceptance fee nd Skul fee online. nd pls how much is the Skul fee nd can we pay twice

  82. I choose accounting, buh I heard DAT no accounting for pt at ikorodu, and i would luv to study at ikorodu. Wat am I going to do. Pls I need a rply.

  83. Is it possible for me to switch course? i did elect/elect for my ND, now i like to do accounting, is it possible?

    • You cannot switch your course. Apart from that Electrical electronics and accounting are totally different.

  84. When filing the form, there is no column for center. Now am ask to pay for acceptance fees. When would one choose choice of centre?

  85. Is dere deadline to pay acceptance fee. And am I to pay bfoe OE after resumption. And how much pls.

  86. pls do u have branch at isolo that can help to fill the form on-line? can i be offer admission for HND with diploma in Bankig&Finanace since 2006 from benue state polytechnics

  87. pls wen re dey going to start giving admission to those dat apply 4 full tym HND &
    wen is d screening exercise ll commence? fnks

  88. Good day Christopher,
    please how much is acceptance fees and when is the paymey deadline……

  89. Pls can someone study hospitality management with D7 in Biology…
    Pls I need a quick reply

  90. Pls I will like to knw when is part time going to resume, becuase I have purchase the form online and I do not when we are going to

  91. pls i ave collect d foam and ave paid for accpetance fee bt i dt no when we will resume

  92. pls can someone who hv obtained OND 8years ago from other polytechnic, apply for your (weekend) PT HND pgm.. and where to recve lecture (accounting). thanks
    pls. i your reply.

    • Thanks for stopping by TBS. Please note that we are not affiliated with LASPOTECH or any of the schools posted on this blog. We serve as a medium to pass information to aspirants.

      Yes, you can apply with your OND certificate of 8 years ago. You could receive lectures at Ikorodu, Isolo or Surulere.

  93. Pls,when it’s the end date to pay for acceptance fee n third party,because I have registered since early July.and how much is it?

  94. Pls hw do i knw if i qualify becaus i reg in surulere campus and have not hear anything pls ur help oooo becus i heard i can nw pay for acceptance fee pls i wann be sure b4 doing anything

  95. Pls good evening, is there hnd pt in chemical engineering in laspotech, pls I need a urgent reply

  96. pls am in the dark hear enlighten me, dnt knw that the form is out nd some said is not out. is it out truly nd can I still get it on Tuesday. plss I need response now

  97. pls how sure are you that the form will be closing by September cos its like am seeing july 30 as the closing date on there page and I will get all I need for the registration by Tuesday.

  98. 1. i heard that the form purchase date has been extended till September 30. how true is this? 2. how many year would it take to complete my HND part time weekend.

  99. I want to apply for regular weekend program on mass communication pls is d form still available right now.

  100. please i need a. very good update on this! if a peraon studied agricultural engineering in another school! can he studie another course as. for HND part tim or he must still study that same course…..
    also please when is HND part time form closing please a student should give me a good update pls….

  101. Please is the acceptance fees for HND is gonna close with the form date as well. please i need your reply thanks

  102. dont know where to do my clearance school of part
    time regular (weekend) was told my center is at
    isolo when I went to ikorodu
    course accounting

    • No, you cannot do that. The school gives admission immediately you get the form. Hence, your O’level result needs to be complete before getting the form.

  103. hello good day, God bless you for the information always, i have some question and would be delighted if u give me the answer. 1. i heard that the form purchase date has been extended till September 30. how true is this? 2. how many year would it take to complete my HND part time weekend. 3. i studying elect/elect, where do they do the lecture btw Isolo n ikrd. thnks in advance

    • The form is still available. You cannot use awaiting result; you can only apply when the result comes out.

  104. hello bro i study aircraft engineering technology nd can i be offered admission in electrical engineering HND? thanks for the wonderful work ure doing. and if yes is the form still on sale

      • Pls guys when will part time student resume i mean weekend student wrn will dey resume for school
        Just because i also register for weekend lectures

  105. pls laspotech part time form is out cus I hard that it will be out september. is it TRUE pls. nd I saw that it out as at april , am confused pls make light to dis

  106. Good evening Chris this are my waec result English c4, Maths b2, Igbo c5, Cars c4, Agric b2, Biology d7, Govt c4, Economic d7, lit e8, 2012, can I do Accountancy or Business management with it please I need respond

  107. Pls am trying to login with my username and password
    But am unable to login due to incorrect password
    Pls help me out

  108. please Hw much is the acceptance fee and hw much is the school fees for part time course please I need the two, I just want to confirm both b4 I proceed in putting in

  109. How much is the acceptance fee and what other payment do I make after acceptance and school fee?

  110. please, what are the necessary credentials needed for my HND part-time clearance? I have bought the form, have been given admission, I have paid my acceptance and third party fees but I’m required to go for my clearance

  111. @Christopher Sir, is it after we submitted the form, are we going to paid acceptance fee and third party fee immediately…..

    • You do not need JAMB to apply for HND in any school. You only write JAMB to gain admission into OND.

  112. I just obtain the pt form and the admission is been offered to me,and I paid the acceptance fees and I was told to go to the register office to be clear before I can pay them school fees

  113. Please when is the laspotech website going to open I need to check my admission letter.? Or is it available now? Please feedback me!

  114. Good Morning Sir,

    I want to study accounting in laspotech for part-time But i dont have credit in economics (Dat SSCE) Please can i still apply for the form without economics in my ssce for accounting course

  115. Will School of Part-Time Studies Regular(Weekend) HND lectures hold in ikorodu campus for HMT department?

  116. Good Morning Sir,

    I want to study accounting in laspotech for part-time But i dont have credit in economics (Dat SSCE) Please can i still apply for the form without economics in my ssce for accounting course

  117. I want to study business administration part time(weekend)… which of the campuses will I go to purchase the form?

  118. can i apply for HND without the hardcopy of my ND, but I have seen my grade but it has not being sign by the register to avoid delay can i apply

  119. I want to study mass comm and i want to know if the course is available at laspotech the one at isolo

  120. Pls can i know the resumption of d new intake…and also know cost of sch fee nd other bills to be paid…thanks

  121. pls do laspotech do computer science in surulere annex, and pls which courses is offered in surulere annex and which one is offered in ikorodu annex….pls i need a reply bcos of my location…pls reply me

  122. The The Lagos state polytechnics website is not coming up………. hope there is not that the for have closed?

  123. Have paid for the acceptance and third party fee and am asked to go for clearance within a week and I heard the school is on strike hope it will not affect d admission .

  124. hi…. dat means I will definitely need the transcript be dat… do I need to bring it as hard copy or I will send it via dispatch to t he school…, and if it is not deliver on time hope it will not affect my admission.. jst need to knw all Dis to knw ao to go about it before dat time

  125. Pls do they offer chemical engineering in part-time and which of the part-time program. day evening or weekend and is it instant admission.

  126. Pls i did computer engineering in ND level & i want to apply for electrical engr PT weekend is that possible

  127. do I need the transcript for the HND part time when I already have my certificate… when doing the registration…. and can I pay the school fees instalment after been given admission….


  128. Will School of Part-Time Studies Regular(Weekend) ND lectures hold in ikorodu campus or where? please I want to know

  129. After i Submit my Application form(Congratulations, you have been admitted! Proceed to Pay Acceptance and third party fees to be able to print your admission letter) Can i pay the Acceptance fee now without admission list?

  130. Please @ ikorodu campus can someone come for the PT form on Sunday and do the registration?

  131. After i Submit my Application form(Congratulations, you have been admitted! Proceed to Pay Acceptance and third party fees to be able to print your admission letter) Can i pay the Acceptance fee now without admission list?

    • Bro pls
      Need ur help… have obtained the form now going to a month and have not been admitted don’t know what’s going on. I did everything online at Cyber Cafe. Some people told me that I will have to go down to the school premises to submit the form. Pls guide me….
      U can chat me up on what’s app 08106242171

  132. Please update your website,because the PT deadline to apply for the form is Close While your Website is still showing Form is still available .Kindly do that in order not to create wrong impression on the Aspiring Candidate

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