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The LastPass password manager is a cross-platform password manager application that stores your passwords and other personal information for free. This wonderful app works on Android, Apple, and Windows devices.

LastPass comes with a bank level 256 bit AES encryption; with this, your information is hack-proof (cannot be hacked) and can only be accessed by you or anyone that has access to the master password.

What is the master password? The master password is the secret password you set for the app. It is the one password you need to remember to be able to login to LastPass and see all your information in the LastPass app.

Features of LastPass Password Manager

This password manager does not only store passwords for you. It can do a whole lot of other things. Below is the complete features of the LastPass App;

  • Stores your password in a vault.
  • Autofills your login forms.
  • It can generate quality random passwords for you.
  • Store digital records with secure notes.
  • create profiles for online shopping.
  • LastPass password manager supports fingerprint unlock.
  • Two-factor Authentication.
  • Cross-platform (You can access your details through the web, Android App, Apple App or Windows App).

Download Links for LastPass Password Manager

As we said earlier, LastPass is a cross-platform password manager. It works on all the devices, it also has browser extensions to integrate into your computer browser.

How to Create a LastPass Account

After you have downloaded the LastPass app on your mobile device, open the application and click on “create account”.
LastPass Create

Enter your email address in the space provided and click on next.

LastPass enter email

Fill in your master password, confirm the master password, enter password reminder (optional) and click “create account”.

Lastpass form

Login to your email address to confirm the mail link sent to you. Once confirmed, your LastPass account becomes active.

To add any information into the LastPass password manager, simply log in to the app on your device or web and click the plus sign.

LastPass Password Manager

Click on the appropriate type of information you want to add.

LastPass Info


How to Generate Password with LastPass

LastPass password manager can also help you generate secure passwords. You can set the length of the password and the type of password you want, i.e pronounceable password or non-pronounceable password.

Click on the striped bar at the top left-corner of the app.

LastPass password generator

Click on “generate password”, set to your preference. You can save the password if you want to.

LastPass is free to use but if you want more functions, you can upgrade to LastPass Premium or LastPass Enterprise.

The LastPass premium and enterprise package lets you synchronize across all platforms while the free version limits you to saving on only your mobile device.

A premium last pass account will cost you $1 per month and it is billed annually. This means you will pay $12 once in every year to use a LastPass premium account.

The LastPass enterprise account is for companies and organizations that want to manage large sums of data amongst its employees. The pricing of the LastPass enterprise account varies depending on the number of users and few other factors. You may need to contact LastPass to get a price quote.

Has LastPass been hacked before? Yes, they have. Even the biggest names in the industry get hacked. To protect your last pass account from being hacked, stay up to date with the latest news from LastPass, change your Master passwords occasionally and activate two-factor authentication on your LastPass account.

How to enable LastPass Authenticator on your Account

LastPass has a two-factor authenticator feature. To enable this feature, you need to download the LastPass Authenticator app on your device separately.

The LastPass Authenticator supports a push-based verification system, 6-digits generated passcodes and SMS codes for one tap login.

After downloading the LastPass Authenticator application, you need to enable it on your LastPass account. You can enable this feature by following the simple steps below;

  1. Download the LastPass Authenticator app from the link above if you’ve not already done so
  2. Login to your LastPass account (website not the app) and open your account settings (click the gear icon at the bottom-left)
  3. Click the “Multifactor options” tablastpass authenticator
  4. Click the pencil icon beside “LastPass Authenticator”lastpass-authenticator2
  5. Set Enabled value to “Yes” lastpass-authenticator
  6. Set permit offline access to your taste (I chose “disallow” for mine)
  7. Click on update and enter your master key
  8. Click on enroll and follow the process all through

If successful, you will get a success message on your screen.lastpass-successful

LastPass is the best Password manager app out there, I have been using it for a while now without issues. This app also has a lot of positive reviews on the various app stores.

Which Password manager do you think has better features and security, your feedback through the comment section would be appreciated.


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