He made #150,320 in 2 weeks with just WhatsApp contacts – How you can turn his result to your own with just your Android phone.


A lot of people really think big when it comes to business. They have this mindset that it requires a lot to start a small business. The result of a student 2 weeks ago proved the theory wrong and false. They will coat – “IF You don’t have a big shop, fancy website, jaw-dropping sales page and capital close to #100,000; You can’t start a business. This is a Fat big lie;  because someone did it with an android phone,  data plan not up to #1,000 and just some whatSapp contacts.

You can sell anything in this country; so far you can create value for it. It doesn’t matter if it is a hand bag, make-up accessories or bracelet.  People will beg you with their money once they know you have solution to their problem which is your products…

Haven’t you notice that a lot of people want a white set of teeth, bears on their cheek, hair on their bald head and so on.  These are all disturbing and embarrassing problem. All you need to do is just to find a product that solves that and show it to a group of people with that problem,  either way you choose to target the customers and that is all, Boom!! The sales start coming in.. They will start begging you with their money just to have  the solution you describe and that is all, then you will be left to watch your account the way it swells day and night!!

The same formula was implemented by this student to earn #150, 320 in 2 weeks, I have decided to hide his name and contact for  people that would love to disturb him. He doesn’t like crowd and maybe very busy trying new things on his small market empire.. Now you may think this earnings are small but I must tell you that the small thing will solve some basic problem or even come as extra cash to your salary. Just like a friend shared with me that he earns #20,000 as a teacher in a school after the B.Sc Certificate..

I would love to expose his business proove , details and loopholes but he won’t love me to reveal it and if it were to be you, am sure you will not like it either. The main reason is also because once everyone see what he is selling and what is working; people will saturate his product, sales and market which is more disadvantageous to his earnings and will ruin his milk and honey land.

But, let us make this a little secret, I feel guilty about this but I will expose all to you. He will get to know about this and this may cost me an argument but we are all students and we deserve to make money all by ourselves in order to make ends meet. Some parents assume students are financially okay but in my case I spend all I got on textbooks am not even prepared to buy. The textbooks cost so much that sometimes, I prefer to read and pass than some nonsense free marks issued by lecturers.

Back to our discussion.  Let me introduce to you femi from Unilag. I won’t say anything about his personal detail before you go and start searching his department out. He just started selling “A niche needy product” that costs #5,000.  He sends whatsapp broadcast messages 3 times in a week and in 2 weeks he made #150,320. Sending 6 broadcast messages in 2 weeks made such huge result.. This may not work when you are selling a T-shirt but it works with some needful products.

Now, let us come to think of it, what is really stopping you from achieving this same result? An android phone, data plan or what? I think you are 80% ready for this, only the 20% will involve you getting hot selling products and taking action now..

But, what do you really need to make this a bomb offer for you? I later spoke to Femi and all he could tell me was that. if I am going to share his results with some people( which include his exact evergreen products, whatsapp campaigns messages and so on.), it should be with serious minded people.  So, I thought about it and finally made a decision. The only way I could get serious people, that would not saturate his market; is by limiting the Number of people that would get this info.

So, I have packaged a product that would limit unserious people out of our community. So, we can focus on getting results. If,  I am going to expose someone’s business secret blueprint to #150320 in 2 weeks, it should be revealed to action taking people.  I created a product for the ones that really need to see the information. The product contains;

  • A case study on how Femi was able to achieve these results – All formula and strategy revealed. Just copy and watch what will happen (worth 7,000)
  • Whatsapp and phone No’s of all the million contacts In Lagos, Nigeria for life ( worth #20,000)
  • A hidden platform to get hot selling viral products. The 6-figure importers will fight me about this; they may hate me for life. Trust me, these are not the platform you know.(Worth #30,000)
  • A private Facebook community where I would answer all questions and you will get more free tools, gifts, counsel to scale your business to Millions of naira (worth #10,000)
  • My word pressBe theme consists of 50 themes  for your websites. You can use these themes for your personal websites or for your clients(worth #13,000)
  • My profit builder sales page $ squeeze page builder to get more customers to buy from you forever. With these page builder funnels, You may want to hug me for this ( worth #15,000)
  • Broadcast messages for any product. Just copy and paste these messages when you are selling any hot physical product and watch the sales fly in. ( worth #5,000)
  • Instagram hacks for sales domination. Turn your instagram account into sales machine (worth #10,000)

This is a total of #110,000 worth of products if I am not mistaken, totake your small business to the next level. These results can be achieved in the next 72 hours, if you are a fast action taker. Also, I can decide to sell this product for #150,000 if I choose to. I don’t get to lose anything.

For the next 48 hours, this case study with all the bonuses will be sold for #9,999 and this is for the first 20 people. Mark my words, am not hungry about money and in particular I don’t want my friend  to get angry with me because he allowed me to share his blueprint earnings with some people I don’t know.  In addition, I don’t want his market to be saturated, which will spoil his milky land.  So, no hype about this, after 48 hrs we will take this product back to its original prize of #44,999.

Pay or make a transfer to this account No : SAMUEL OLADAPO 2100086487 ZENITH BANK .

Send prove of payment to this email: internetexpertsam@gmail.com.

Text me prove of payment to this no:  08170273828

Send me the following details:, Your name, phone no, email, If you paid through the bank, include your teller noand text “paid to account”’,

After 48 hrs., we will take the product and the bonuses down, so that we can focus on the ones we have in our community, help them with results and make the milk- honey land  to be enough for the small community. Also, we want to use this to round up sales for December, so that our students can have enough to celebrate Christmas with their family.

The countdown starts now!!