NECO frequently asked questions and answers


Neco frequently asked questionsSorry, it’s not exactly what you were thinking. We don’t share exam expo on Lagschools.

This post was created to answer questions students may have about NECO examinations. We have done our research and we know questions students are asking about NECO.

Though, if you don’t find an answer to your question, you can use the comment section to ask your question. So here we go.


What is the full meaning of Neco?

N..E.C.O is the abbreviation for the National Examination Council. Neco is an exam regulatory body in Nigeria that conducts examinations at the secondary school level.

What is Neco website?

Neco’s official website is

Can I check Neco result without the scratch card?

No, you cannot. You need a pin to check your Neco result. This pin can only be found in the Neco scratch card.

How can I upgrade my Neco result?

Don’t fall for that scam. NECO result cannot be upgraded. Anybody that tells you it is possible to upgrade NECO result is only trying to cheat you.

When will NECO result come out?

NECO SSCE result (normal NECO) comes out by September while NECO GCE result comes out by February. You can like our facebook page and follow us on google plus to get updates concerning NECO result.

Can I combine WAEC and NECO result for Admission?

Yes, you can combine WAEC and NECO results for admission. Any school that accepts two sittings will accept a WAEC and NECO combination. For instance Yabatech; Yabatech accepts two sittings.

How do I get NECO exam timetable?

There are two versions of the NECO timetable; The NECO SSCE timetable and the NECO GCE timetable. Click on the appropriate link to download the NECO timetable;

How can I get NECO office address?

The National Examination council (NECO) has offices in the whole states in Nigeria. NECO head office is located at Western bye pass, Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe road, Minna, Nigeria. For the complete list of NECO offices in Nigeria click the link.

Where can I buy NECO result checker scratch card?

You can buy the NECO result checker scratch card from any of the NECO offices in your state. But if the office is far from you, consider buying from us. Click here to buy the NECO scratch card from us.

How can I collect my Original NECO result?

You can get your original NECO ssce result from the secondary school where you did the examination. The NECO GCE original result can be gotten at NECO office.

There was a mistake on my NECO result, how do I correct it?

If there’s a mistake on your NECO result, the principal of your secondary school has to write a letter to NECO telling them to correct the issue. If the mistake is on NECO GCE result, you have to go to NECO office to lay your complaint. Once you get your result, you should go through it immediately to check for errors.

As time goes on, we will add more questions and answers to the ones we have already written. You can also read our post on WAEC frequently asked questions and answers.

Do you have any question about NECO? Use the comment section to drop your question and we may include it into this post with the answer to your question.

  • Favour

    How can I retrieve my neco photo card

  • Paul Asen

    I registerd 8 subjects and will be able to write only 4 or 5 due to relocation of our centre from Vandeikya to katsina Ala in Benue state. Can I still get results for those I will write?

    • Yes. You will get the result of all the exams you wrote.

  • Abdu

    I wrote neco 2016, and i have a problem in my name .instate of abdu usman it comes audu usman. How wil u correct it for me

  • teslim

    pls is the original result for 2015 out?

  • teslim

    I called the school….they told mhe the original certificate is not out……..I need it urgently…..pls what can I do

    • You have to wait till it’s out

      • Olalekan

        Please how can I get my original neco result….I did it in 2009

        • Sirhc

          For NECO SSCE, go to the secondary school where you wrote the exam to get it. If it’s NECO GCE, go to a NECO office to get it.

    • Nwankwo kosisochi

      pls I took my NECO exam in d year 2014 and this is 2017 and my school is still telling me that the original certificate is not out and I need it for my screeching in school. xo what should I do now

  • Chy

    I have a problem in my date of birth,I told the teacher and he told me to use it like that.I combined neco and waec

  • Chy

    Does original Neco bear One’s date of birth

    • NECO original result does not carry date of birth

  • Queen

    please I rili nid to knw wen neco Gce result will b out bcoz I av bin granted admission nd without d result I cnt continue wit my clearance, pls give me a reply on wen neco GCE 2016 will b out pls …tnk u

    • The result should be out by February or early March. No specific date to be precise

  • Virtue

    Hi Mr Chris, Please can my Neco result alone be used to get admission in unilag?

    • Yes. You can use only Neco to gain admission into Unilag

  • imran adams

    how does the original Neco result look like?

  • Queen

    but the neco GCE result is meant to come out first week or second week of February, please if I can’t provide this result before 15th then I will lose my admission… please I av been seeking for admission for over 5year now and now I have finally gotten it. please release the result so that I can proceed with my admission… please thank you

    • Go to the school and explain to them. They might consider extending the screening date for you.

  • joy

    please can you give me a clue on when to expect this year neco GCE result.

    • Do you mean last year NECO result? This year’s result would be out by next year

  • Tersoo

    Please, I printed my result of the Nov/Dec 2016 NECO GCE a while ago, I need the original certificate. I don’t know how to go about it, please help.

    • You can get the original certificate at the NECO office in the state where you wrote your exams.

      • Maximilian

        I wrote my neco on june2015 but the info I got from my school is that the original certificate is my yet out,but I need it urgently is it possible for me to get it from neco office

        • Christopher

          You have to wait till NECO releases the original certificates.

  • Olakunle

    Good day NECO.Pls,i was not satisfied by the Oct/Nov.result that was just released. All the student in Delta state failed Geography in my center which is not possible. Do not know the channel to which I can lodge my complaints. Kindly assist.

    • Good day, Mr Olakunle. Kindly visit the nearest NECO office to lay your complaints. We really hope they do something about it

  • Segun

    I did Neco in Ogun state 2006, please can I get my original certificate in Lagos office? thanks

    • We cannot guarantee that you will get the result from the Lagos office.

  • Peter Chukwuma

    To get my neco result nov/dec 2016
    do i need to use my photo card given to me wen i registered or should i buy neco scrach card.Actually wen i used my photo card to check no result appeared so should i buy the neco scrach card???

    • You have to get the Neco scratch card to check your result

  • Dexter tgd

    pls can i use only my neco result to gain
    admission in any uni??

    • Yes of course. As far as you have the right subject combination.

  • Ahmad mansur

    I wrote neco exams nov/dec 2016 and i have problems in my name instead of Ahmad mansur it come out Ahmed Mansur. and the result is already out. Pls how can u correct me pls

  • Choice

    Is NECO recognized outside the country. Can one use it to gain admission outside the country

    • NECO is accepted worldwide especially in Europe.

  • Ahmad mansur

    I have problems in my neco exams nov/dec 2016 in my name instead of Ahmad mansur it come out Ahmed Mansur how will u correct me pls cristopher i need answer pls

    • Visit the NECO office in your state to correct this.

  • Ahmad mansur

    Can I use only my neco results to get admission into any University

  • Ahmad mansur

    Can I use only my neco results nov/dec 2016 to get admission into any University

  • Ahmad mansur

    Can neco office give statement of results before the Original result is out

    • NECO offices do not give Statements of results. You can get that from the secondary school where you wrote the exam.

      • ik

        wat abt neco gce statement of result..hw can i collect it

  • Ahmad mansur

    It is nov/dec 2016 that’s why I ask and nov/dec is external not internal can that centre that I write exam give me the statement of results

  • Ahmad mansur

    Can you goto screening With that print out I think they most demand the Original result. And when will the Original result be out pls

  • saheed islamiyat aiyegun

    pls sir i hav problem in my neco result my name is saheed islamiyat aiyegun want i check my result they write my name likedis shaeed islamiyat aiyegunwhy so be dis saheed

  • Ifunanya

    pls I wrote my neck ssce on 2013 pls is the original certificate out?

    • Yes the Original certificate is out.

      • aliyu

        Please how long does it take for the original certificate to be out?

        • It takes two years after the exam the exam was written

    • Akpesiri

      I am Ededey Akpesiri. Please I need to know the requirements for collecting the original GCE certificate and if there is money involved how much will it cost?

      • Sirhc

        Go to NECO office with your NECO result online print out, a passport photograph and 3,500 Naira.

  • Ifunanya

    is neco ssce 2013 certificate out?

  • pls durinq my neco gce registration i get a prblm in my date of birth so and now i register my jamb with tha real date of birth of mine and ah upload tha neco result durinq tha jamb reg so pls any prblm now concerninq this? pls reply asap

  • SIDI


  • tompolo

    Please I wrote my neco gce exam in ogun state since 2006 and I want to get my original neco gce certificate can I get it in lagos and what is the procedure like.

    • You can only get it from the NECO office at Ogun state since you wrote it at Ogun state. Go to the office with 3,500 naira and your online print out

  • Akin

    Pls when will 2013 original result be released?

  • Emmanuel

    Pls can i combine two Neco result

  • Anthony

    pls how much is neco gce for this year

  • Ahmad mansur

    I have been offered admission into polytechnic with my waec exam but in my waec I don’t have English and in my waec iam using three 3 names and I write neco exams nov /dec it appear 2 names. Pls can that be a problem I need help

  • Hleb

    Please for the past 3 years I have been visiting the secondary school I wrote my NECO to ask for my 2011 certificate. I was told that it was delayed. Please was it really delayed and why?

    • The best option is to visit the NECO office in the state where you did the NECO exam.

  • Ahmad mansur

    You mean there is no problem

  • Abdulkareem Tohybah

    Hello Mr Christopher, how much will it cost to collect the original NECO gce certificate from the state branch.

    • It will cost you 3,500 Naira

      • Abdulkareem Tohybah

        Thanks, hope the original gce certificate can be gotten any day of the week days, coz I will be traveling from Oyo down to Abuja?

  • Joseph

    i just registered for neco ssce 2017 i afterwards noticed that i did not include one compulsory subject, can correct this mistake now after i have registered

    • It can still be corrected now before the registration closes.



    • It won’t. Original NECO results does not carry date of birth like WAEC

  • samuel

    Please can I use just neco result and jamb to gain admission into uni lag or imsu, I really need to know.

    • You can use NECO result to gain admission into any school in Nigeria.

  • ola

    please can I use a different state of origin for jamb and a different state of origin for neco

    • Yes you can but why do you want to use different state of origins?

  • Ugochi Ubiaru

    Pls my original neco certificate was partially damaged by water what can I do about it? How do I recover the certificate? I need your response very urgently please.

    • You can visit the NECO office in the state where you did your exam to request for another certificate.

  • deki

    Greetings Sir, I saw this sign * in one of the subject I sat for in neco result, can u explain to me the meaning of it?
    kindly send me address of neco office in Abuja.

  • Emmanuel

    Mr Christopher I wrote my Neco in 2004, can I still give my original result in 2017 after all these years?

  • Rose

    please I wrote my neco ssce during 2013…I went to my secondary school for the original cert buh was told that it isn’t available… I need it urgently for my clearance in the university…
    Can I get it in Neco office ?..
    Also wah do I need to take along with me?
    thanks alot..

    • You can only get it from your secondary school since it is NECO SSCE. Though the result is supposed to be available, you can go to NECO office to ask questions. For the things you need to go along with, kindly go through the post.

  • pelumi

    can I combine become gce 2016 with neco 2017

  • Olayinka

    Hello Mr Christopher, please I wrote my neck ssce since 2008 but I need the Original cert urgently, can I get in Neck office in Ilupeju without going to my school.

    • Hello. You can only get it from the secondary school where you wrote the exam.

  • Jude

    pls can someone apply for 2017 jamb with neco awaiting result and what will the person do to meet before admission started

    • JAMB states that all candidates have from May to August to upload their results.

  • Khalid Mustapha

    is June/july2016 neco original results is out

    • No. It’s not yet out sir. It should be out after 2-3yrs of writing the exam.


    Can’t find my photocard of my GCE but I have the result printout,can I get the original result without photo card,what are the requirements for collecting since I didn’t my photocard

  • musa

    Pls,i pass my jamb exam but i used current neco awaiting result..can jamb be delay or can they wait for neco before starting processing admission.guess,is it possible

    • NECO results come out by September. JAMB’s new policy states that “candidates who fail to upload their result between May and August will not be confirmed for admission”.

  • oluwafemi

    I’m a science student offering further mathematics, geography, economics plus the compulsory 5 subjects. But I was mistakenly registered as commercial student. Pls is there a solution?.



  • Tope

    Pls Mr. Chris, I wrote neco gce of nov dec 2016. and all my results has been released. I really want to knw if I can use the CERTIFICATE of my secondary school for admission screening along with my neco result since neco CERTIFICATE can only be released after 2-3 yrs of the exam. Hope there won’t be any problem?

    • You can use the online print out of your NECO result to do the screening.

  • ik

    wat abt d gce neco 2016 Nov/dec statement of results

    • You can use the NECO result online print out to do whatever you want to do pending when the certificate will be out.

  • ik

    but d uni i want to go said dy need statement of results i saw their requirements

  • Peter affiong

    Pls do nysc accept neco result? Do date of birth appears on d neco gce original certificate

  • amara

    plz sir I wrote my neck exam in 2006 but have not collected my certificate. can I collect it in neco office.

  • Suleiman

    Hello christoper
    I hv made correction of my name @ my state neco office since 25/05/2017 through my school & it has been send to minna 4 d correction, but till i check online no change dat hv been done. Pls how long does it take 4 dem 2 correct it. & it’s 2016 june/july 2016 exam. thnx 4 ur response

    • Go back to your state’s NECO office to complain. I really hope your issue is resolved quickly.

  • Please the picture on my Neco registration Print out was not my picture

    What should I do?

    • Is it a NECO SSCE or NECO GCE registration?

      • segsea

        Neco ssce

        • Christopher Akuneme

          Go to a NECO office to complain.

  • Tessy

    Pls Mr Chris love to know if it is possible to get another neco original certificate, loss mine in an inferno, also what should I do?

    • Visit a NECO office to confirm. You may not be given another original result.

  • Tope

    Is it possible to use waec ssce testimonial along with neco result to gain admission?

    • Christopher Akuneme

      You can combine both WAEC and NECO results for institutions that accept two sittings.

  • Olamide

    HEllo sir ..I wrote my neco ssce in 2012 and I really need the original certificate now but my problem is I am not in Nigeria for now can my mum or any of my family go to the school and get it for me ????

  • Abegunde opeyemi clara

    Please is it possible for jam to extend their result uploading time cos I did neco nov/dec but wen I tried checking it said invalid registration num so I put in for this June/July nd my jamb result is out already

  • HEllo sir ..I wrote my neco ssce in 2012 and I really need the original certificate now but my problem is I am not in Nigeria for now can my mum or any of my family go to the school and get it for me

  • Damilola

    Will neco results be out before the end of august 2017.

  • bukola

    Is it possible to send someone to collect my neco original certificate for me at their office in ibadan.thanks .

  • ahamefula onwukwe

    Dos NECO result bear candidate date of birth.and how many years it takes for original NECO certificate to be out.

    • NECO result does not contain the candidate’s date of birth. It takes 2-3 years for the original result to come out.

  • zainab zasha

    I checked my result with a scratch card but I didn’t print it out due to some issues
    I need d result now and I can’t find the scratch card. ..can I buy a new scratch card to check the result?

  • oshinuga abiodun

    I wrote wrong examination number on my neco answer sheet, wh
    at can I do to solve the mistake

  • oshinuga abiodun

    plz ansa. na

  • Ifeoma

    I did NECO exam since 2006 at Anambra State nd i was given d statement of result by d sch.and i need d original certificate. Can i get it from NECO office here in Lagos State ?

    • Sirhc

      You can only get it from NECO office at Abia state.

  • Jonathan lizah

    pls how can I change the name on my neco .Shawulu jonathan and I used Shawulu Jonathan mshelizah can I compiled them.

    • Christopher

      Go to a NECO office to make corrections.

  • Abdurrashid

    I write my neco in 2013 but my father name was incorrect instead of Abdurrashid musa they write Abdurrashid habibu musa how can I correct it please.

    • Christopher

      Go to a NECO office to make corrections.

  • danny

    pls can i use neco result to gain admission in futa And pls wen will neco 2017 result b out?

    • Sirhc

      Yes you can use NECO result to get admitted at FUTA or any other school. NECO results usually comes out 3 months after the exams.

  • salawudeen

    what will I do if I made a mistake by writing someone else seat number in my neco examination answer paper and I don’t know if I will get my result.

    • Christopher

      Go to a NECO office to complain.

  • richard

    sir pls I lost my original neck due to robbery attack, can I get another one?

  • Nkwuda Emmanuel

    When will dis year neco results be released?

    • Christopher

      It should be released around September.

  • lawal damilola

    please, how much will i pay to collect neco certificate

  • haruna

    how long does a neco result checker last after first use?

    • Christopher

      It lasts until you use it to check your result five times.

  • mike

    I wrote neco last year….but it seems i have lost my exam number is there anyway I can get it back

    • Christopher

      Go to a NECO office and make your request.

  • Jeffrey

    Good day, I recently lost my Neco Result/Original/photocopies to a flood caused by a heavy down pour in my absence.  Please how can i retrieve my original certificate or a print out.  I took the exam as far back as 2007/2008.  I don’t have the reg number or exam number saved anywhere. All i have is my Full name which i used to write the Examination. Please what can i do? Thanks 

    • Christopher

      Sorry about that. Go to a NECO office and explain to a staff.

  • Ejimele Kelechi

    hello sir can my date of birth be corrected i made a mistake

    • Christopher Akuneme

      Your date of birth won’t be stated on your original certificate. If you still want to change it, go to a NECO office.

  • Ruth

    gudday. I wrote my Neck exam 2006 and my date of birth is 1991 but the school registered me with 1981 what can I do now, hope it will not affect me

    • Christopher Akuneme

      You could leave it that way. Unlike WAEC, NECO does not display candidates date of birth on the original certificates.

  • Abazuom Precious

    Good afternoon, my name is Abazuom Precious. I wrote my NECO exam in 2009, and when i went to collect my original from my school, after thoroughly finding it, i was told that it was lost because they couldn’t find it. Please my question is, what can i do because i really need the original for my Masters application this September. Thanks

    • Christopher Akuneme

      Go to a NECO office in the state where you wrote the exam and complain.

  • Dara

    How much is neco certificate now…… And does the payment goes

  • Shaka Suleman Xman

    I want to know how to write application letter to collect NECO GCE certificate result.

  • Lucky

    Can I use neco GCE certificate to study abroad? Answer pls…

    • Christopher Akuneme

      Yes, you can.

  • Austin

    Please how much is needed to apply for my official copy of neco result to be send abroad

  • Elvis ono-uhagwa

    I am a foreign trained graduate, I was not mobilised for batch A because i lost my original waec cert. my question is can I use my NECO cert in lieu of my WAEC certificate, since my sch is also accepting NECO

    • Christopher Akuneme

      You can use your NECO certificate as well.

  • Chioma

    What if you only wrote 7 papers in your neco.. Will your results be accepted?

    • Christopher Akuneme

      The minimum subjects accepted is five so your results will be accepted.

  • Yohan Emmy

    It just daWn on me, I wrote Neco External 2007 November/December… As at when the result was released, it was pending! Does Neco later release all pended results?

    • Christopher Akuneme

      Yes, they do. Get a scratch card and check again.

  • melody

    Hi sir, I’m melody by name. I want to know when the 2017 Neco results will come out. And does it carry date of birth? Can one change his or her date of birth? I’m seeking for admission abroad and was told that I might have problem because the date of birth in my neco registration is difference with the one in my international passport. Can the date be changed?

    • Christopher Akuneme

      NECO result or certificate does not carry the date of birth. You can only make changes to of the information you earlier filled at a NECO office.

  • Gabriel Odeyemi

    Hi, please do schools charge for NECO SSCE original results? If so, how much would it cost? Thank you

    • Christopher Akuneme

      They are not supposed to but some do. The price varies.

      Just go to the school you wrote yours and confirm.

  • Chidinma Annab

    I lost my result and the registration number to get a new print out is my problem.. Please can I retrieve my Neco Reg. No..? I sat for it 2015 in Lagos and now am in Abia.. I need the result to process my admission.. How can I retrieve it.. Thanks

    • Christopher Akuneme

      If it’s a NECO SSCE result, go to the secondary school where you wrote the exam and ask for it. For NECO GCE, go to the NECO office in the state you wrote the exam.

  • Richard

    Pls can i sit for only d subject i didn’t mak?or it’s compulsory to write all

  • Adeleke

    Sir,l wrote Nov/Dec 2008 neco exam but my English language result showed **. I know this star means cancellation. Sir, can it still be released.

    • Christopher Akuneme

      If it has not been released by now, it cannot be released again.

  • Adeleke

    What can l do if any of my Nov/Dec 2008 result is cancelled? Double stars are indicated on my English language result while I cleared other papers.

  • Ikechukwuughamadu

    Can I use my neco gce results print out 4 admission. Dat s during physical screening. Or must it be statements of results.

    • Christopher Akuneme

      It depends on the school. Some schools accept the online print out while some request for the original certificate.


    Please, has NECO released its 2016 SSCE original result? Pls, sir, I will be quiet appreciative if I can get an urgent reply. Thanks in anticipation of your prompt response.

  • Najib Mohammed

    Pls when will the neco original certificate be ready for collection and where? I wrote June/July 2017

  • Tz Paddy

    my neco name is not correct… How can i correct it?

  • Zainab Ita

    Please how do i get replacement for my lost NECO certificate??