NetFlix: Watch Movies Online (Free for One Month)


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Netflix is the worlds most popular movie streaming website. Initially, Netflix was not available for Nigerians; but that ended in January 2016 as Netflix opened its doors to the Nigerian Market.

With over a thousand movies in its media collections, there’s definitely something on Netflix for you to Watch.

Just like DSTV, GOTV and other cable networks, you have to subscribe to use Netflix. However, the company is giving new customers a one-month free subscription. After the first month, you have to pay for subsequent months – you can choose not to subscribe for a specific month though.

How much does Netflix cost after the first month?

Netflix has three subscription plans – the basic, standard and premium plan. The Basic plan costs $7.99 per month, standard costs $9.99 while the premium plan goes for $11.99; that is ₦2,884, ₦3,606 and ₦4,328 in the right order.

See the image below for the perks attached to each of the plans.

netflix plan

Nigeria debit cards like Mastercard and Visa card works on Netflix.

How Do I use Netflix?

You can either watch Netflix on your TV, Laptop, Mobile phone or tablet. To use Netflix on TV, you must have an internet-enabled smart tv. For mobile phones and tablets, you can download the mobile app. If you are using a Laptop computer, just visit

You can find the mobile app of Netflix for Android, Windows, and iOS at their respective app stores.

Most importantly, you need an internet subscription for Netflix to work. Before now, Etisalat Nigeria had a special data plan for Netflix – then, you could watch 2 hours of Netflix for ₦400 but that has been discontinued.

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If you’re a student and you are low on budget, you can still enjoy Netflix by using Night data plans that give as high as 1GB for just ₦200.

To sign up, visit and click on “Join free for a month”. Select the plan you want (you won’t be charged for the first month) and go on to fill in your details.

Here is one extra tip for you. Once you have completed the first month, if you do not want to continue with Netflix, you have to disconnect your card so you won’t be charged for the next month. You can disconnect your card through settings.


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