How to Know your Nigerian Postal Code



A lot of times we get asked to put in our Nigerian Postal code while filling forms online or offline. I can remember when I was applying for my Payoneer MasterCard, I had to fill in my Postal Code. A wrong postal code may get your goods delivered to the wrong address.

Anyway, it’s not our fault. The Nigerian Postal Service only began to improve recently. Some years back, there was no way to know your Nigerian Postal code even if you searched online.

In this article, you will learn how to know your Nigerian Postal code. When you get it, know it at heart or save it somewhere so that you don’t have to look it up all the time.

Please note that Nigeria does not use ZIP Codes. Although, if you are filling a form online and you are asked for ZIP Code, fill your Nigerian Postal Code there.

From what I read on Wikipedia, Zip codes were invented and used by the United States Postal Service (USPS).ZIP stands for Zone Improvement Program.

How to Know your Nigerian Postal Code

This service is offered by the Nigerian Postal Service so the Postal codes you get are definitely from the right source. No need to doubt them.

Step 1: Visit

Nigeria Postal codes


Step 2: There’s an option to search by rural location, urban location or search by Postal facility.

If you are searching for the postal code of your area, click on either search by rural location or urban location.

The search by postal facility option is only needed when you want to search for the postal code of a particular post office. Use this option if your address is difficult to locate; you have to go to the post office to get your goods if you were expecting something.

Step 3: For an Urban location, select your state of residence, town, area, and street. For a Rural location, select your state of residence, Local Government area, District and town. Click on Get Post Code to see your Nigerian Postal Code.

I will advise you write this down somewhere. As at July 2016, we could check our Nigerian Postal code by visiting but the postal agency let the domain expire without renewing for a long time. Someone else got the domain and wants to sell at a price.

NIPOST is not willing to pay that price for a domain, so they bought

I hope you have learned how to check your Nigerian postal codes online. Now be a law-abiding citizen and share this post with your friend :).


  1. thanks. i wanted to sign up for my payonner account as well but i am having issues with the zip code there. Please should i use my state zip (oyo state ) code or my street zip code?


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