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Every security expert would tell you not to use the same passwords for all your web accounts. The reason why this is so is to prevent hackers from hacking your account easily. An Online password generator will help you generate secure passwords with ease.

The online password generator(s) we are going to show you are completely free to use. This password generators only work online; if you need a password generator app that you can use on your mobile device then read this post.

Online password generator websites

Below are some websites that generate passwords online. This sites can generate easy to remember passwords, they can also generate memorable passwords and pronounceable passwords. Remember, these passwords are secured and cannot be easily guessed by anyone.

We use and recommend the LastPass password generator. We will be showing you in brief how to use the LastPass password generator to create secure passwords online.

How to create secure passwords online

  1. Visit the LastPass Online password generator website by clicking the following link
  2. Set your password length and preference using the password length tab and password formula tab respectively.
  3. Click on “generate password” till you find your choice.
  4. Click on “select password” then copy the password.

online password generator

Note: If you want a pronounceable password, make sure to tick “Make Pronounceable” in the password formula tab.

The LastPass password generator tool is a random password generatorand we prefer it because it is one of the most secure password generator online.

Another password generator we recommend is the password generator tool by Norton. This tool also rocks.

Now that you’ve generated your password, don’t you think you need a password manager to manage all your passwords for you? Free up your brain memory space, get this password manager to handle the job for you.


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