How to Open a GTBank Domiciliary Account


Gtbank domiciliary accountA Gtbank Domiciliary account is a foreign currency based current account. This account lets you receive and save money in foreign currencies. A Domiciliary account is also known as a dorm account. Owners of dorm accounts in Nigeria can spend money beyond the CBN limit on international transactions.

There are other banks that offer to open domiciliary accounts in Nigeria but I prefer GTBank. Maybe it’s because I’m a happy customer. You can open a GTBank domiciliary account without any money. You could also view your account at your convenience through the GTBank mobile app.

With that being said, I’ll be writing about how you can open a GTBank domiciliary account with ease. You need this information so that you won’t go to the bank multiple times in vain. With this information, you will get your domiciliary account opened within 24 hours.

The GTBank domiciliary account is of three types; the dollar, the pound sterling and the Euro-denominated dom accounts.

Requirements for Opening a GTBank domiciliary account

Here are all the things you need to have before going to the bank to open the account;

1. A valid identity card.

To open any kind of bank account in Nigeria, one of the things the bank will always ask for is an Identity card. GTBank accepts the following identity cards;

  • The Old National ID card (if it’s still valid).
  • The New National Identity card with a national identification number (NIN). The plastic card or slip is accepted.
  • A permanent voters card.
  • An international passport.
  • A drivers license.

2. At least a 3 months old Utility bill.

The utility bill is used to verify your house address. GTBank will accept the following documents;

  • PHCN/NEPA bill.
  • Water co-operation bill
  • Waste bill.
  • Phone bill.

These documents must not be older than three months.

3. Two Referees.

You need two people who own current accounts in Nigeria to stand as a surety for you. The two referees must have a current account that has been active for at least six months in any bank in Nigeria. Though, it’s better if the two referees are GTBank current account holders.

The bank will need to confirm if the account of your referees has been active for six months. If the referees are current account holders of other banks, the GTBank account officer will call the bank of your referees to confirm this. This could actually take much time. If the referees are GTBank current account holders, your account will be opened faster because the account officer will not need to call another bank because he/she would easily log into bank database to confirm (since it’s the same bank).

Also, note that the bank will call your referees to confirm if they actually know you.

4. A Passport Photo.

Go with a clear passport photo. Any background will be accepted.

5. Age range.

You must be 18 years and above to operate a GTbank domiciliary account.

How to Open a GTBank Domiciliary account

Download the Gtbank domiciliary account opening form from here (Not available yet). Print the form and fill it correctly. Give your two referees to also fill their part. Go to any branch of GTBank with the requirements above and submit the form.

The GTBank domiciliary account will be opened within 24hrs.

Once it is opened, you can check your account balance via Gtbank internet banking or the mobile app.


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