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Abisola, is it possible for a girl to like a guy for 4years and still

be playing hard-to-get?


Well, I personally don’t believe in all this hard-to-get shit. I

believe it is total childish foolishness to still indulge in that. I’m

an if-you-like-or-want-something-go-for-it kind of person. If a guy has

an interest in a girl, he has what she wanted, he is her type of guy and

like him too, she should give him a go. If I won’t have anything to do

with you or we gave it a shot and it’s not working out, I’d let you

know. Why lead you on? If a mature girl wants what you have to offer,

she won’t waste your time.

All the trashy talk about being cheap or not really got to me.

The length of time used to keep him on hold doesn’t determine if a

girl is cheap or not neither does it determine how responsible or

commited the guy will be.

Attitude and what the both of you have got to offer will decide that.


Now back to the issue at hand. 4 solid years is no joke. I don’t want

to believe any girl could achieve such feat. If she is not giving in,

then something is wrong.

What do you mean by she’s ‘playing-hard-get’? She’s not answering

calls? Coming up with excuses everytime? Always giving you the

I’ll-think-about-it attitude? You see guy, let’s talk reality here.


From my girly perspective, sometimes, there are people you don’t

really want but still can’t let go off. Issues like this has many

things involved.

Maybe she doesn’t really like you but the fact that you’re funny or

you buy her stuff or there is this particular advantage she gets from

you. So she leads you into believing maybe one day sha but really boy,

that day may never come.

Maybe, Maybe Not, She Is Just Using You.


Reason No 2: Maybe you are just decieving yourself. Maybe you’re just

disturbing her. Maybe you are the one so in-love to the point of

fantasy. Sometimes, WAIT also means NO. A guy should be able to

decipher this.

You are such a nice guy and she doesn’t want to hurt your feelings but

she keeps telling you a clear NO in every stylish way possible. But

here you are, my brother, thinking up something else. Wake up. She is

not playing-hard-to-get, you are the one playing-hard-to-understand.


Another thing is that, maybe she likes you but you keep giving her

chances to doubt you. It’s either she is scared or a combination of

other factors is holding her back.

What kind of guy are you?

Will saying YES promises peace of mind?

Are you for real?

Is she even ready for you or any other guy?

This and more are questions she might want to answer first.


What baffles me is the number of years. Did you mean 4 years? Boo,

you want my advice?

‘Pursueing’ should’nt last for more than a 4-5 months(too much sef)

not now talk of years. Moreover, real men don’t really pursue. A girl

may set up a chase for the fun of it but it does has a limit. What

exactly is this babe looking for? James Bond? If she is not ready to

appreciate what you have as a man, please move on to some other

special girl. You need someone who’s gonna acknowledge your efforts.


In answer to your question, I don’t think it is possible(or right)

for a girl to put you on pause-mode for 4ooooooo good years. 4 years

has been wasted already but it’s not too late, so nnam, pack the girl

one side and freestyle to another bae o jare.

Can you imagine sha! Fine boy like you!


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