How to Report Site URL for Copyright Infringement


It’s annoying when other website/blog owners copy your full contents; a content that you spent time researching and writing. When you find out that your content(s) has been copied by another website, the best option is to report the site URL by filing a DMCA report.

In this article, you will learn how to report any website that copies your content either to Google or WordPress. Who you will be reporting to depends on the domain of the culprit.

If you do not report a site stealing your contents, two things may happen; The other site stealing your content may rank higher than you in the Search Engines.

  1. The other site stealing your content may rank higher than you in the search engine.
  2. Google search may see both sites as spam websites which is not good for Google Adsense.
  3. You are losing traffic to your competitor who stole your work.

You can find websites or blogs copying your contents by copying a part of your post and do a Google search. In addition, you could use this free plagiarism checker tools.

What happens when I report a Blog or Website to Google or WordPress?

It is either the content is taken down, the content is blocked from the search engine or both happen.

The way the matter is handled depends on the type of domain copying the contents.

The copied contents on a paid domain (TLD, gTLD, ccTLD, etc) are removed from the search results when a DMCA report is filed. While the copied contents on a subdomain (, etc) are removed by the parent domain.

In the following paragraphs, you will see how to report site URL(‘s) copying your content.

The first step in every DMCA report is to send an email to the site owner informing them about the content they copied. You can email the webmaster by using the contact page on their website or checking for the webmaster’s email via information.

I have a template for sending this emails to the webmaster. Check my email template below;

Hello Sir/Ma, My name is [Insert Name] and I am the [Insert Title] of [Insert company name or website homepage]. I have found some of my articles on your website without permission.

The original content can be found at:

[Type your website url where the article is found]

While the copied content iscan be found at:

[Type exact URL of copied content]

Under the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, you do not have the rights to copy my contents. Kindly remove them within 3 days or I take legal actions.

How to Report a Domain Copying your Contents

You can report a website copying your articles directly to Google by following this link. Fill the form appropriately and submit it to Google.

dmca form

Google will remove the website from the Google search engine within few days.

If you want to report blogger blogs ( or WordPress (, follow the links below;

When you file a DMCA report on a free blog platform like Blogspot and WordPress subdomains, the article is removed within view days. I reported a free WordPress blog copying my contents and the article was deleted within two days. I got an email when the article was removed.

How to Report a Blog with Adsense

As much as Google hates copied contents, it will ban the Adsense account of bloggers who copy contents from other peoples blog.

Use this link to report site URL copying your articles with Adsense adverts enabled. Click on Submit a legal request below to fill the form. See the image below.

report site url


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