How to retrieve WAEC examination number


waec examination numberOne of our readers asked us through our Facebook page if she could check her WAEC result without her examination number? We gave her the solution actually but we want to make it public for everyone who may be experiencing the same problem now or in the future.

There is no way you can check your waec result without knowing your examination number. But don’t worry, we would show you how to retrieve your WAEC examination number so you can use it to check your result.

Here is how it works; your waec examination number is a combination of your centre number and seat number. Your centre number is the first seven (7) numbers while your seat number is the last three (3) numbers.

How to retrieve your WAEC examination number

There are three methods you can use to retrieve WAEC exam number. Check for the method that is suitable for you.

Method 1:

To be able to use this method, you should know the name of the school you did your exam and your seat number during the exam.

So, we are going to provide you with all the WAEC centre numbers in Nigeria. When you get to the page, click Ctrl-F on your keyboard and type the name of the school you did your exam in the search box. Copy down the centre number.

If you are using a mobile phone; when you get to the page that contains all the WAEC centre numbers in Nigeria, press the options button and locate the “Find” or “Find in page” button then type the name of the school you did your WAEC. Copy the centre number either on your phone or on a piece of paper.

Click here to see all the WAEC examination centre numbers in Nigeria.

After you have copied the exam centre number down, just add your seat number to it without leaving any space. The seat number is in three digits E.g (006, 035, 412).

Method 2:

If you have forgotten the name of the school where you did your waec exam, this method is for you.

Find a way to locate the school and explain to the principal your purpose of coming. Every secondary school has a master list of candidates who have written examination in their centre. The master list contains the names and examination numbers of students.

Method 3:

Go to a court and do a sworn affidavit for loss of examination number or photo-card. Take the affidavit and one passport photograph to any WAEC office.

You will be charged 1,000 Naira for this service.

How to Know WAEC GCE examination number

For now WAEC GCE centre numbers are not currently available to the public. The only option is to follow the method 3 above.

Now that you’ve gotten your WAEC examination number, read our tutorial on how to check WAEC result by yourself.


  1. Comment: i cannot remember my WACE seat no, but i saw a no at back of my wace passport dt is inside my ID. Can it be my seat no?


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