will Reduce Spam Emails from your Inbox


When you share your emails on public forums and social media; it can be scraped by anyone. This is the reason you get lots of spam emails. is a web tool that converts your email address to a safe web link. This way, it will not be seen as an email address.

Convert your Email to a Link with

Visit and paste your email address in the space provided, click on protect my email. email

You will a unique link that you can share with the public. will showcase three formats to share your emails online; the first format is the link you can share on social media websites, an HTML format for sharing in HTML documents and another format for sharing in Forums.

When someone clicks on the link, a very simple captcha challenge will appear. This is done to prevent any automated bot from scraping your email address. captcha

Once the captcha challenge is passed, the email address appears. You could even click on the compose email to send a mail through your email client.

scrim email 2

Cool huh?

Furthermore, if you would like to customize the link to your preference, enter your email in the “email tab” and type the link you want in the space under “”. Wait for to check if the link is available and click protect email.

if you forget your personal email link, go to the homepage and enter your email, your personal link will appear again.

How to Change your URL

However, URL’s can be changed to something else. Here’s how to change your URL;

scrim url change

Visit, click on the “email” button. You will receive a secret key in your email, enter the secret key and the new URL you want.

change pin

I hope this helps you prevent your emails from spam.


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