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amazon bitcoinShopping on Amazon just got easier with bitcoins. You can now use bitcoins to buy that MacBook, flatscreen Tv or whatever you want to buy conveniently on hassle-free.

Though Amazon has not officially started accepting bitcoins, but you can use a third party site that accepts bitcoins to shop on The whole process is quite easy and understandable.

If you don’t have a bitcoin account, check out our post on how to open a bitcoin wallet account (Blockchain) and how to fund your bitcoin wallet account.

How to shop on Amazon with bitcoin is a third party website that lets you shop on with bitcoin. You could also buy Starbucks gift cards from this website with bitcoin.

Step 1:
Visit and create an account

by amazon bitcoin

Step 2:
Fund your account with bitcoin. You can do this by sending bitcoin to the bitcoin wallet address on your account. wallet address

Step 3:
Login to your account and add all that you want to buy to a shopping cart

Step 4:
Go to, click on “Bitcoin Direct (”. Enter your Amazon login details and click save.

Step 5:
Click the amount you want to transfer to For now, you can only transfer $25 or $100. The price may be increased in the future. bitcoin

Step 6:
iPayyou transfers the money in form of a gift card to your Amazon account. Go back to your Amazon account and refresh the cart, your order total should now be $0.00. Click on place order to purchase your item.

You can watch the video below for better understanding.

Cons of

As much as I love this service, there’s a disadvantage to it. You can only buy products from Amazon that are not more than a hundred dollar. I hope they increase this price soonest.

Have you used to buy with bitcoin on Amazon or do you know any other website that offers such service better? Tell us by commenting below.


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