Thursday, June 27, 2019

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7 Best PDF Readers for Android – Download link available

PDF is the acronym for the word Portable Document Format. It is one of the formats used to present documents in digital format. In...
bitcoin wallet

Shop on Amazon with Bitcoin

Shopping on Amazon just got easier with bitcoins. You can now use bitcoins to buy that MacBook, flatscreen Tv or whatever you want to...
youtube video download

Download YouTube Videos on any Device (the complete tutorial)

Youtube is the worlds most popular video streaming site. And this website owned by Google doesn't let users download videos from it. There may...
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How to buy airtime with Bitcoins

As more people get to use bitcoin every day, more businesses get more comfortable to use the digital currency. This post is about how... will Reduce Spam Emails from your Inbox

When you share your emails on public forums and social media; it can be scraped by anyone. This is the reason you get lots...