How to Use One Email for Various Accounts


Imagine the possibility of using one Email address to open as many as five Twitter accounts or other websites? You can get all your notifications in one place with ease. This is possible through a Gmail account.

Here’s how the trick works;

Gmail does not support periods when opening new email accounts. A period means adding dots, plus signs, underscore etc to email addresses. Hence, when you send an email and add periods in between the email address, the message will deliver to the same email address without periods.

For example, when you send an email to, the message will be delivered to Hope you understand.

Furthermore, Google has two domains for Gmail. As you already know, Google owns Gmail.

So, is the same thing as Hence, is the same as

How to Use One Email to Open Various Online Profiles

Visit the sign-up page of the website you want to register for and add periods to the Gmail address that you have used on the website before. Or instead of using, use

The websites see this as a different email address but google sees them as the same email address.

I have used the same trick to open multiple twitter accounts.

Although, some modern websites understand this trick.

Zuckerberg spoilt the fun. Facebook has caught up with this trick so it does not work for Facebook. I tried it on Facebook and got a password reset code instead.


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