Yabatec part time form is out – 2016/17

Yabatech part time form for the 2016/2017 session is now on sale. All interested candidates should start applying before the form closes.
Yabatech offers 22 courses in OND and 18 courses in HND for the part-time program. For the complete list of courses offered in the Yabatechpart time program click here.
The form cost 13,500. After registration, wait for the 2015/2016 Yabatech part-time admission list to come out. The earlier you get the form the better.
Let me help you get the form
I assist aspirants in purchasing the form and doing the online registration. With my experience, you will surely be admitted into the school. 98% of the aspirants I registered in 2014 are now students of the school and are in their second semester now.
Other people who may help you register might not tell you the things that may disqualify you from getting admitted. I will guide you with all the necessary information you need until you are admitted into the part time program.

I will do the registration, give you a colored print out, do all the necessary things that will make you get admitted and also send an SMS to your phone immediately your name comes out and what next to do to secure your admission.
All this services, i render for just 13,500 naira (form money is included). This means if i am to get the form for you, you would be paying a total of 13,500 naira for the form and other services i would be rendering.
Last year some people tried to get the form by themselves; they had to pay twice due to some errors. Some people also bought the form but did not fill it very well; their names never came out in the admission list.
Let me help you purchase the form while you save yourself from any sort of trouble.
How to get the form from me
Come to Yabatech with your o’level result (you can combine two results) and a passport photograph with 13,500 naira. Call me when you get to school, my phone number is at the end of this post.

If you stay far or you are busy and cannot make it to school, you can contact me for further discussion.

For further enquiries, call Christopher

Contact details: 08188376992

  • When is the form closing sire?

  • No date was given but the earlier you get the form the better so that your name would be o n the first list

  • Please when is admission list will be out for part time

    Thank you

  • It should be out by October….

  • Anonymous

    What if I have no complet result can I use awaiting result ?

  • No, you must have the require subjects before applying

  • pls i have 2 questions: 1. is the part time still out? 2. please what possible course can i study for chemistry in ND? please

  • Yes the form is still available. You can study science laboratory technology in OND and offer Biochemistry in HND

  • Gina

    Please i really want 2 knw d part time closing date from now.

  • No precise date was giving but it should be closing early Next month

  • Anonymous

    please wot if u come with less than 12,00.can that person still buy a form

  • Anonymous

    Pls sir, is Yabatech ND 2015/2016 part time form closed?

  • The school website is having issues, until it is fixed before we know what next…

  • plz, is the school account for school fees payment now open?

  • Its not yet open. Immediately it is open, information would be posted on this blog, stay tuned…

  • Hello Pls is Yabatech HND for full time available

  • The form is available but the school website is having issues, you will have to wait till the site is fixed before you can get the form.

  • as a science student, can i apply with a D7 in english?

  • No, at least a credit in English Language is compulsory.

  • hi, pls i want to ask about the call off withheld of activities in the school

  • pls is the form still on sale

  • can i use the print out slip for the registration until i get the original certificate from the waec office

  • good afternoon please what are the requirement for me to change my course as a new candidate

  • The form has been suspended for now. Yes you can use your waec result online print out.

  • All you need to do is wait for the change of course form to come out then switch to a course that you met the cut off and your O'level result matches the requirement.

  • Anonymous

    Hello,the partime form for iyaba tech is it out?? And the full time?

  • Anonymous

    when is the yaba tech part time form going to close?

  • The part time form has been suspended for now. The full time form for hnd has also been suspended while the full time form for Ond has closed since september

  • No specific date for now

  • please is the part time admission list out

  • extra ordinary

    pls is the part time admission list out

  • Anonymous

    please i have D7 in literature and credit in all other subject.can i use it to apply for mass comm.

  • Anonymous

    Pls wen is d admission list going to be out and the clerance date

  • Its not yet out

  • No, its not yet out

  • Literature is compulsory for Mass communication

  • I guess the admission list would be out this month (December) and clearance would commence by January

  • pls my English is not good but other subjects is ok can i admission

  • English is compulsory for any course in Yabatech. Without at least a credit, no admission

  • pls when are the going to open the hnd part time portal because hv bought the form but the portal is yet to be open

  • Anonymous

    pls when are they going to open the portal for hnd part form

  • The portal was open few days back before it was later closed. Have you filled your details online?

  • pls can u tell me the date the portal was open

  • when was dat pls cos am not in lagos for nw let me call him

  • i gave someone money to do it but he said once the portal is open he is going to login me in

  • It was opened on December 3, the site was okay till December 8 when it started having another problem with the part time portal and paymnet

  • so the portal wount be open again pls can u flash me or drop ur number

  • It is open now, you can call me to start your registration. You can find my phone number on the blog post

  • Nice post here Mr. Chris

  • Great job Bro.
    pls notify us whenever they open Pt admission form.
    (Best Regards)

  • The admission form for 2015/2016 is still available…

  • pls is yabatech HND Part time still available

  • Yes, it is still available…

  • hello Chris i don't know if the part time admission list is out and on sale because it is taking longer than it should be. please is it out now?

  • Anonymous

    pls i have registered so what the next step sir? thank you

  • Anonymous

    gooday Christopher, pls i will like to know what is next after online payment is done, what do i do after i get the confirmation of payment via my email

  • Anonymous

    please i had e8 in math ..what course can i study in yabatech …besides does she offer public administration

  • Log in to via the school website and fill your Information

  • Wait for the admission list

  • As at now, the list is not yet out

  • The only course you can offer without mathematics is General art. All other courses require at loeast a credit in Mathematics. The is public administration but its only available to full time

  • yes

    pls, can i use an n.c.e result to get my bse. did they offer sandwhich programme.

  • Yabatech does not give B.S.C. Unilag gives B.S.C and they have sandwhich programmes

  • Anonymous

    how much is the total amount of school fees for business administration

  • It is approximately 62,000 naira…

  • Anonymous

    Please when is the next ND part-time admission form coming out? and how much is the total amount of fees for business administration?

  • The next form should be out by July, 2016.. see the previous comment for the price of the school fee

  • Anonymous

    Hello Christopher, pls is yabatech form for part time (ND) 2016/2017 session on sale?

  • The 2016/2017 Yabatech part time form would be on sale by July/August this year…

  • Kindly read this post…. Click the link >> All you need to know about Yabatech part time program <<

  • Anonymous

    Hi Mr Chris … thank you for your updates on your blog. Can an intending Applicant still purchase Form this Jan 2016 or to wait for the next period for Form purchase. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    Pls sir i want to apply for 2016/2017 HND (computer science) part-time programme. could you pls tell me more about this part-time programme, like tell me about the lecture days, hours and amount to spend…thanks

  • You can still purchase the form

  • Pls when is yabatech admission second set 2015/16 is coming out?

  • Do you mean full time or part time? If its full time, it would be out any moment soon but part time second list would be out by February

  • Anonymous

    Enter your comment…pls is d form for one part time still available for sale?

  • Yes, the form is still on sale. You can contact us on 08188376992 to apply

  • pls mr chris, can I someone go for screening on Saturday or not?

  • No, you cannot go for screening on weekend. Screening is done only on weekdays (Monday-Friday) 9am-4pm

  • Mr Damee

    Hi Mr.Chris,
    Actually I tried Your No & It's not reachable Please I've some certain questions I want to ask You personally that I'm confused about so I wouldn't mind if I can have Your e-mail so we can communicate Thru that or Your personal BBM PIN.

    Your response will be much appreciate Sir, I'll check back to Know if You reply back to my comment.

  • Pls when is yabatech admission second list for part time is coming out

  • Anytime soon

  • You can try my number during the day, from 9am-5pm. Or you can send a mail by using our contact form here

  • Anonymous

    please is the part time form still on sale as at now?

  • sassyoly

    pls i have bought d form and submitted since july, dat was the 2nd week dey brought out the form but no admission still, and i edited my address and reprinted of recent is that while my admission was held dis first list or what

  • Yes it is

  • That's not the reason. Wait for the second list, your name may be included there

  • Anonymous

    I want to get the form for Part time HND, Business Admin. But i have not collected my ND result yet. What are the requirements so when i do collect it and come see you i would get them ready.

  • To apply for the form, you just need your O'level result and one passport photograph. Your OND result is only needed during screening and clearance

  • Anonymous

    you can send it to my mail,am the business admin guy for HND form that has not collected his ND result.

  • sassyoly

    thank you and God bless for your response

  • Anonymous

    Please if i want to obtain the form myself, how do i go about it.

  • Anonymous

    Pls, can I study BAM in yabatech (part-time) with this result Eco: C6 Gov: B3 Islam:
    Lit: D7 Eng: C4
    Yor: C6 Maths: B3 Agric: B3 Bio:E8

  • Anonymous

    Hi Goodday,
    Please when will admission list be out (pt)

  • Anonymous

    pls sir i avnt bought the form for part time, is d form stil available?…and is d portal still open for registeration?…how much is the form and wen is the closing date?…pls

  • Anonymous

    Good evening, pls I wana know if admission list is out for PT enginnering

  • Anonymous

    pls when ids the portal of hnd be open oooooooooooo

  • pat

    pls is 2016/2017 hnd form on sale now? nd how much

    • Christopher

      The form is not yet on sale. It would be out by July

  • kolawole

    Hi chris…It was painful that I didn’t enrol for diz session plz notify me when d form for new session comes out…..08029498463.

  • Byll Grant

    pls when is the form coming out again

    • Byll Grant

      do they petroleum related courses or chemical engeneering

  • annoymous

    Pls will the next form for part time be out

  • annoymous

    Pls when will the next form for part time be out

  • Yinka

    When will d next Hnd admission form available

    • Christopher

      It can be out anytime soon. Visit this blog frequently for updates

  • kay

    Can I combine Nabteb n Waec result together

    • Christopher

      No you cannot combine Nabteb and Waec. Yabatech does not accept it. You can only combine Nabteb and GCE

  • martins

    Hi mr christ, pls how many years do nd part time progam last in yabatech?

    • Christopher

      The part-time program in Yabatech is a 3years program

  • Dongel

    pls dis 2016/2017 part time OND form.. wen z it gona close ?? and how much for der school fees for B&F ( Banking and Finance)

    • There is no specific date on when it is closing. Banking and finance school fee is approximately 62,000 Naira


    PLS HOW MUCH IS YABATECH SCHOOL FEES FOR PART TIME (course Business Administration)

  • bb

    Is part time form still out. I know its already coming late but has they closed registration.