YABATECH Part-Time Form 2019/2020


The Yaba College of Technology, Yabatech part-time form is not yet on sale for the 2019/2020 academic session. In order to help aspiring candidates, we send out free SMS to candidates immediately the form comes out.

Keep reading to the end of this post to see how to get free SMS to your phone or WhatsApp immediately the Yabatech part-time form comes out.

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The Yabatech part-time programme is a two-year programme that allows you to study and work at the same time.


Yabatech offers 22 courses in their part-time Higher National Diploma program (HND) and 26 courses in their Ordinary National Diploma program for part-time.

OND Courses you can Apply for (Part-Time)

1. Management and Business Studies

  1. Accountancy.
  2. Business Administration and Management.
  3. Banking and Finance.
  4. Office Technology and Management.
  5. Marketing.

2. Liberal Studies

  1. Mass Communication.

3. Technology.

  1. Computer Science.
  2. Science and Laboratory Technology.
  3. Food Technology.
  4. Statistics.
  5. Hospitality Management.
  6. Textile Technology.

4. Engineering.

  1. Agricultural Technology.
  2. Electrical Engineering
  3. Mechanical Engineering.
  4. Civil Engineering.
  5. Computer Engineering.
  6. Metallurgical Engineering.
  7. Industrial Maintenance Engineering.

5. Environmental Studies.

  1. Estate Management.
  2. Quantity Survey.
  3. Building Technology.

6. Art

  1. General Art.
  2. Industrial Design and Fashion.
  3. Printing Technology.

HND Courses you can Apply for (Part-Time)

1. Management and Business Studies

  1. Accountancy.
  2. Business Administration and Management.
  3. Office Technology and Management.
  4. Marketing.

2. Science and Technology

  1. Biochemistry.
  2. Computer Science.
  3. Chemistry.
  4. Food Technology.
  5. Hospitality Management.
  6. Microbiology.
  7. Physics with Electronics.
  8. Statistics.
  9. Textile Technology.

3. Environmental Studies

  1. Estate Management.
  2. Environmental Biology.
  3. Building Technology.

4. School of Engineering

  1. Civil Engineering.
  2. Computer Engineering.
  3. Mechanical Engineering.
  4. Electrical Engineering.
  5. Industrial maintenance Engineering.

5. Art

  1. Graphic Design.
  2. Industrial Design

Yabatech Part-time Requirements for OND

To be considered for admission, candidates must have a senior secondary school certificate (WAEC, NECO or NABTEB) with at least five credits obtained at not more than two sittings. The subjects in the O’level must include Mathematics, English Language, and any other three subjects. You can check the subject combination for your course here (OND only).

Candidates applying with NABTEB results are not allowed to combine with WAEC or NECO. Although, you can combine two NABTEB results but not NABTEB and WAEC or NABTEB and NECO.

Yabatech Part-time requirements for HND

To be considered admission into the part-time or full-time program for HND, candidates must possess an S.S.C.E result that matches with the course the individual wants to apply for. You can check the HND courses in Yabatech and their O’level requirements here.

A relevant National diploma certificate with at least a pass grade.

A one-year post-national diploma industrial experience (Industrial Training). However, Candidates with a pass in national diploma must complete a 2 years industrial training.

There are more programs you can apply for if you are interested;

  • Certificate programs (1 year)
  • Advance certificate program (1 year)
  • Technical certificate
  • Postgraduate Diploma

Under the certificate program, there are courses such as;

  • Ceramics
  • Dress Making
  • Paints and coating
  • Photography
  • Printing Technology
  • Visual art

For the Advanced certificate, there is only Printing technology. The technical certificate also has only “Paints and coating technology” while Postgraduate diploma has only Urban and Regional planning available. All the forms cost the same price.

When Is the YABATECH Part-Time Form Coming Out?

The Yabatech part-time form usually comes out by August or September (the trend fluctuates). However, we always notify our readers when the form comes out.

We send them an SMS, email and also notify them through our various social media pages.

To get notified through SMS, click here to enter your phone number and other details.

Once you enter your details here, we will send you an SMS when the form comes out. We will also show you how to apply for the form when it eventually comes out.


  1. sir plz will my name. b able to come out if i still register for yabatech part-time form now .like will i b able to gain admission ..

    And sur plz if der is aby whatsapp group for info plz add me up [08108068980]

  2. I was trying to log in my Application number but its was telling me invalid long in details or account not yet activated… And have already pay for the form I registered it online

  3. Please sir I heard the admission list for pt is out at yabatech,how true is it?and if it’s true am yet to see my name on the list tho I registered the form late😩 Can I still be given admission?? And pls if I can get means to be in any WhatsApp group for update 09033290318 thanks 🙏🏻

  4. pls after have made the form payment and i need to pay for waec verification which was 1620,instead i uploaded the passport and now i want to go back and make the payment but i could not pls kindly help me out.

  5. hi admin,pls i’m applying for computer science part-time course but i dint offer further maths and agric science in my waec the rest i offered are Bs and Cs including maths, am i qualify for the course am applying for

  6. Hi, thanks for the info. pls what is the fee for certificate in photography. And is the payment once or how does the payment go thanks.

    • It depends on the course. Management courses are done during weekend while every other course is done during weekdays; 5pm-9pm.

  7. Please, which course will i able to study with this result in yabatech part time.
    ECONS D7
    LIT-IN -ENG E8
    ENG C5
    IGBO B3
    MATHS C6
    AGRIC C4
    CHE E8
    Please kindly respone.

  8. Gud day Sir
    I just want to know when yabatech full time form will be out nd I scored 172, can I still go for Science Laboratory Technology ?

  9. good day sir chris.
    yabatech cut off mark is 150 right? so why is departmental cut off is180 nd above. I scored 178 nd I want science lab tech. pls is there hope for addimission?

  10. Gudday sir, I will like to know if yabatech offers hospitality management, the requirements and how do I get the form(part-time) and if there is any entrance exam. Thks

  11. Hi Chris,you said civil engineering course receive lecture in laspotech from Monday to Friday ,and lecture start by 8pm-2midnight if am right ,and pls how much is the school fee for laspotech ,form and acceptance fee, pls Chris I need answer to this question pls

        • Pls how much will i spend completely to register for civil engineering part-time ,pls I want to know the price so that I can start preparing to work towards it

          • Hi Chris,you said civil engineering course receive lecture in laspotech from Monday to Friday ,and lecture start by 8pm-2midnight if am right ,and pls how much is the school fee for laspotech ,form and acceptance fee, pls Chris I need answer to this question pls

  12. F9 in F/maths but others are ok… i want to study Electrical Engineering part time HND with a 2.8 Gp.. am i good to go?

  13. Gud evening sir,pls is d nd part time from out,if it is available how will I purchase d form,if possible I would like to purchase 2morow,when is d closing date for d form

  14. Chris i av credit in both maths nd eng nd i wanna study industrial design or mass com.. do i av hope of admission

  15. will there be an admission list for pt students also once admitted and how can i be notified when the form is out for 2017/2018

  16. Good afternoon sir. I noticed you’ve not been answering some questions particularly those that have to do with the screening. That’s actually why I’m here. Finished from the polytechnic, Ibadan with 3.9. Just wanna know what the screening would be like. Are we going to be screened base on our OND courses or O’level subjects or general questions.
    I’ll appreciate a fast reply.

  17. hii…pls can awaiting GCE result b use for P.T 2017/2018… or will d form still b on sales by Nov/DEC this year…I don’t wanna miss this year plsssssss..urgent reply.

  18. Help Chris do yabatech av elect elect or computer science part time,and do they receive lecture on weekend to avoid clash with my work..

    • YABATECH offers both computer science and Electrical Electronics but the lecture periods are on Mondays-Fridays, 5pm-9pm.

  19. a student there told me that I can use D7 in English to gain admsn at yabatech …and the also said there are some courses that doesn’t need much of English…like hospitality management etc…..pls help me and confirm

  20. can i gain admisn into yabatech with D7 in my english language or can i apply and put awaiting result… pls i need a reply as soon as possible….and i also want to know wen the admissn form is coming out…

  21. Chris, are u saying that the form is still out till date cause I wnt to pick p.t form now. 2015/2016. And will I get administration too.

  22. Please if someone actually buy PT Form this year which is on the 20th of January, 2017, does that mean it late form?
    Cus it was written 2016/2017 i hope it not late?

  23. Certificate programs (1 year) Dress Making, Is it weekend class only for part time students and please can i get the form now?


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