Yabatech Student Portal – Student Login and Registrations


Yabatech student portalYabatech student portal is strictly for only Yabatech students. Only students of Yaba College of Technology has access to the student portal. The Yabatech student portal is different from the school website.

Yabatech’s website can be found at www.yabatech.edu.ng. On the student portal, Yabatech students can perform the following actions;

  • Course Registrations.
  • Print personal data.
  • Change password.
  • Check results online.
  • Request for transcripts.
  • Correct personal data information.
  • Make school fee payments and other kinds of payments.

In this post, you will see how to perform some of the above actions on Yabatech student portal. continue reading to see more.

How to change your Yabatech Student Portal login Password

To log in to the student portal, you need your matric number and surname. This is not really a good idea as anybody that knows your matric number can easily log in to the school portal and tamper with the information there or check your results.

It is advisable to change your student portal password. To change your password, follow the steps below;

  • Go to Yabatech website at www.yabatech.edu.ng.
  • Navigate to student portal and click on it.
  • Log in with your matriculation number and surname as the password.
  • Navigate to “change password” at the bottom and click on it.
  • Enter your old password and new password in the form provided. click on change password button to complete.

Please note that you can only change your Yabatech student portal password once. After changing the password, you can save it in a password manager for future reference.

Register courses on Yabatech Student Portal

Every semester in Yabatech, students needs to register their courses within the stipulated time to avoid paying penalty charges. See how to register courses on the student portal;

  • Log in to the student portal with your matric number and password.
  • Navigate to “course registration” and click.
  • Click on “new course registration”.
  • Select the current semester and click “enter course registration”
  • Tick all the courses you want to register and click on save.

Make sure you know the courses to register before registering the courses. If there are carry overs, register them also.

How to check Results on the Student Portal

  • Log in to the student portal.
  • Navigate to “My Results” and click.
  • Select the academic session, semester and level.
  • Click on submit to see the result.

If the college has not uploaded the results online, it won’t be available on the student portal. It usually takes a couple of weeks after the result has been released before it is uploaded to the Yabatech student portal.

How to Apply for Yabatech Transcript

Yabatech students can also apply for their transcripts through the student portal. You can read our post on how to apply for Yabatech transcripts here.

Students who have been expelled or withdrawn from the school will be denied access to the school portal.

Students who have issues with accessing Yabatech student portal should visit the CITM building to complain.

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  1. Please sir, my purse was stolen in my department which contains my school and library Id card what can I do am through with my ND 2016/2019

  2. Am a business administration student of 2015/2016 section and I had a carryover in business law course only during Nd3 semester v and I intend to write it next year plz Wat are the steps to take tanks.

    • You have to go to the Center for Information Technology and management (CITM); You explain the problem to them.

      They will activate your portal for you to be able to pay your school fee and register your course form.

      Once this is done, you are eligible to write the ND3 first semester exam.

  3. Please sir….i have docket issue and have visited citm and they aint giving me a genuine response… My issue is dis..
    I registered for 8courses..
    And on my docket i am seeing 4courses and its duplicate making it all 8…
    That is each of that 4 course is appearing twice and my exam is monday…any solution or what do u suggest..

    • Good morning Onah, you have to go back to CITM to complain. They are the only ones that can solve that issue for you.

      However, if exam still holds on Monday and it has not been fixed, take it to the exam hall like that and explain to the invigilators.

  4. Comment:My registration it on pending, I don’t know what to do for over 6weeks ,my waec verification in progress ,please assist me out .Thanks


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