Zero Dollar Movies Helps You Find Free Full Movies On Youtube


Zero dollar movies is a youtube aggregate website that shows full movies from youtube. The website allows you to search for and watch full movies (not thrillers) that are available on youtube without distractions.

You may not be able to find very popular new movies here but there’s really no harm in trying. I have searched the website and I’ve seen a lot of popular Bollywood movies (Indian movies) and Nigerian Movies (Nigerian movies).

zero dollar movies

On Zero dollar movies, you don’t get to see the distractive video suggestions that are on Youtube. This website is strictly for movies; you cannot find music videos or other forms of videos here.

Zero Dollar Movies – Instant Search

Initially, if you visit zerodollarmovies homepage, you may think it’s only Bollywood or Hindu movies that are available. The search feature comes in handy.

You can search for any movie you want by using the search feature on Zerodollarmovies.

The search feature has Geo-tagging abilities. So when you search for movies, it will show corresponding movie titles available in your region.

zero dollar movies

Zero Dollar Movies Movie Catalog

The browse movie catalog breaks down the movies into various categories.

You could search movies by their languages and year of production.

For now, only movies on youtube are available. Although, the founder, Amit Agarwal has stated that in the future, he may add support for movies on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes.

This website has been around since 2012. It is not going away anytime soon. Zero dollar movies is not violating any of Youtube policies; so Youtube or Google won’t try to shut it down.

If you find any movie that has been removed on youtube but still available on Zero dollar movies, you could use the flag feature to report the movie. When you do this, an admin will remove the movie from Zerodollarmovies.

If you want to watch very popular movies that are not available here, you could check GoMovies, Netflix or IrokoTv.


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