How to Apply for Yabatech Transcript


A transcript is a copy of a student’s academic records; It contains all the courses offered and grades earned throughout a student’s stay in school. In this post, I will show you how to apply for Yabatech transcript.

Note that; Yabatech and most schools won’t give you the transcript. They will rather send it to the school that is requesting for it.

Yabatech transcript is of two types; the local transcript and the international transcript. The international transcript cost 12,500 Naira while the local transcript cost 5,000 Naira.

Difference between the International Transcript and Local Transcript

The International transcript is for students who want to study abroad while the local transcript is for students who want to study within Nigeria. The difference in price is due to the amount that will be used to transport the international transcript to the school of choice.

Note: Other African countries are also referred to as “Abroad”

How to Apply for Yabatech Transcript

The steps and procedures are easy. Follow the steps below to apply for Yabatech transcript.

  1. Visit the school website at
  2. Under the full-time or part-time tab, click on Transcript Yabatech Transcript
  3. Click on the login page at the top of the page.Yabatech site img
  4. Enter your Matric Number in the right format and click Apply.Yabatech site
  5. If your Matric number is correct, the next page will autofill your details. If not, you fill the form yourself.

    Yabatech site
    Image blurred for security reasons
  6. Using the Image above, select Transcript programme and Transcript type, Click on continue.
  7. On the next page, click on “pay now”
  8. Click on “Make payment”. The page will look like the image below.Yabatech transcript payment
  9. Select “card” from the options provided and click proceed.Yabatech transcript payment
  10. Enter your card details and click okay.Yabatech transcript payment
  11. Select payment Authentication method; either Hardware token or software token and click button to continue.Yabatech payment
  12. If you chose hardware token, press your token device and input the code generated. If you chose software token, a code would be sent to your phone, Input the code in the space provided and submit.yct payment

The next page should show a confirmation that your payment has been confirmed. yabatech payment confirmation

After Yabatech transcript payment has been made, you write a letter to the deputy rector stating the school address where you want the Transcript to be sent to.

How to Address the Letter to the Deputy rector

The letter should be addressed to the deputy rector in this format;

The Deputy Rector Academy,

Yaba College of Technology,

Yaba, Lagos

That’s all you need to know about applying for Yabatech transcript. If the process is too long for you, visit any trusted business center in school to apply for the transcript.