How to check Waec result and waec gce result


waec logoYou are reading this post because you either wrote the WAEC exam or the WAEC GCE exam. At the end of this post, you should be able to know how to check WAEC result or WAEC GCE result by yourself without any assistance.

First of all, you should know that before you can be able to check your WAEC result, you need to buy the WAEC scratch Card. The WAEC scratch card for checking result allows you to check your result five times. After the fifth time, you will need to buy another WAEC scratch card.

Follow the simple steps below to know how to check your WAEC result;

How to check Waec result

  1. Buy the waec scratch card from us or any authorised dealer.
  2. Visit the waec website at
  3. By the left-hand side, you should see something like this.
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  4. Enter your exam number. You can find your waec exam number on your waec id card or waec photocard.
  5. Select the year you wrote the exam. The option allows you to select from 1980 till date.
  6. Select exam type; if you are checking for WAEC result, select May/June WASSCE while for WAEC GCE, you select NOV/DEC WASSCE.
  7. Enter your card serial number (you can find this at the back of the scratch card)
  8. Enter your pin (you can also find this at the back of the scratch card)
  9. Then click the submit button.

Your Waec result will come up if all the details you provided in the form above were correct. This is the same step used to check Waec gce result.

How to check withheld WAEC result

If your waec result was withheld, you can check your withheld waec result by visiting

How to check WAEC or WAEC GCE result with mobile phone

You can also check your waec result with your mobile phone through SMS. To do this, you will still need to buy the waec scratch card.

Once you have the WAEC scratch card in hand, follow the steps below;

Send an SMS in this format; WAEC*EXAM NUMBER*SCRATCH CARD PIN*EXAM Year. Send the SMS to 32327.

For example, WAEC*4250101001*123456789012*2007 (do not leave any space)

The result will be delivered to your phone via SMS.

This service is only available to MTN, GLO and Airtel subscribers. You will be charged 30 Naira from your credit for using this service.

Please note that you cannot check Waec result without a scratch card.

How to check Waec result without examination number

There is no way to check your waec result without your examination number but we can show you how to retrieve your WAEC examination number with ease. Click here to see how to retrieve WAEC examination number.



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    My GCE result was withheld and i am expecting that it should have been released by now.
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