How to Retrieve NECO Examination Number


Have you misplaced your NECO examination number? in this article, we would show you how to retrieve your NECO examination number with ease. And it is totally free.


The national examination council, NECO has a unique 10 digit alphanumeric number it gives each of its candidates. The number serves as the student’s identity, it can also be used to check NECO results when it is released.

The NECO exam number has eight numbers and two alphabets in capital letters. Here is an example; 60514564AD.

These numbers are unique to each student in different years. For example, your NECO exam number for this year might be another person exam number in a different year.

How to Retrieve NECO Examination Number

NECO has not officially released the way it formulates the exam numbers. Unlike NECO, the West African Examination Council (WAEC) is transparent on how it formulates WAEC exam numbers; 7 of the numbers are the WAEC centre number while the last three are the seat numbers.

Visit a NECO office in your state and provide the following information;

  • Full name.
  • Year of the exam.
  • Name of school where the exam was written.

Armed with this information, a national examination council official will run a search on the NECO database with the information you provided. Viola! your NECO examination number would be given to you.

As at the time of publishing this article, NECO does not charge its candidates to retrieve exam numbers. However, policies may change in the future. So, it’s smart to go to the NECO office with some money.

Have you recently tried to retrieve your NECO exam number? Tell us your experience via the comment section below.

Also, we have an article on how to retrieve WAEC exam number.



  1. Dear Chris,

    Good Afternoon. My case is a bit peculiar and i really need advice on how to solve this challenge. I wrote NECO in 2010 in a school around Maza Maza, Amuwo Odofin LG area. I had just moved to Lagos, Festac precisely and i was still a bit young, naive you could say and obviously didn’t handle any registration process, i was just told to write the Exams and make sure i passed as i really needed to make up for a D7 in Maths which somewhat tarnished my beautiful WASSCE result.

    In this moment, I have no idea what my registration number is, neither do i know the name of the Secondary school i wrote the exam. I’m in dire need of the result now as it’s a sad situation that brings me shame. None of my siblings or family members that supposedly helped me during the registration remember anything about it.

    What can i do? Kindly advice. Thank you

  2. Hello I wrote NECO in 2006 but I never checked the results. I don’t remember the exam no nor the name of the school in wrote it in. Will it be possible to retrieve the results


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