Yabatech School fees – Price of School fee for Each Department


Yabatech school feesYabatech is a federal government owned Polytechnic. It is the first Tertiary institution in Nigeria before The University of Ibadan was created. As a federal Polytechnic, Yabatech school fees are cheaper compared to private and state universities or Polytechnic.

Yabatech school fees are paid online. The online payment is handled by Remita. This is in line with the federal government single account policy. Note that all Federal schools in Nigeria use Remita to pay school fees while state and private universities can use any payment platform they desire.

Yabatech school fees for Full-time

Yabatech offers 32 courses in OND and offers 30 in HND. The school fee for Yabatech ordinary national diploma full time and higher national diploma full time are uniform; this means they are the same price no matter the course you are studying.

Yabatech school fees for OND full-time

The school fee for OND full-time in Yabatech is ₦44,500. The school fee price was increased from ₦35,000 the previous year to its current price.

Yabatech school fees for HND full-time

The school fee for HND full-time in Yabatech is ₦45,500. Candidates who did part-time in OND and do not have a Jamb profile are to pay the sum of ….. For Jamb regularization.

Yabatech school fees for Part-time

The price of part time school fees in Yabatech varies per department. Below is the school fee price for OND part-time students in Yabatech;

Course            ND 1 ND 2 ND 3
Computer Science. ₦75,000.  ₦59,000   ₦62,000.
Electrical Engineering. ₦75,000.  ₦56,500.  ₦64,500.
Mass communication. ₦83,500.  ₦64,000  ₦72,000.
Industrial Design – Fashion. ₦75,000.  ₦56,500  ₦64,500.
General Art. ₦75,000.  ₦56,500  ₦64,500.
Accountancy. ₦70,000.  ₦51,500.  ₦59,500.
Business Administration. ₦70,000.  ₦51,500.  ₦59,500.
Computer Engineering. ₦75,000.  ₦56,500.  ₦64,500.
Banking and Finance. ₦75,000.  ₦56,500.  ₦64,500.
Mechanical Engineering. ₦75,000.  ₦56,500.  ₦64,500.
Hospitality Management. ₦75,000.  ₦56,500.  ₦62,000.
Science Laboratory Technology. ₦75,000.  ₦56,500.  ₦62,000.
Statistics. ₦75,000.  ₦56,500.  ₦62,000.
Textile Technology. ₦75,000.  ₦56,500.  ₦64,500.
Printing Technology. ₦75,000.  ₦56,500.  ₦64,500.
Quantity Surveying. ₦75,000.   ₦56,500.  ₦64,500.
Metallurgical Engineering. ₦75,000.   ₦56,500.  ₦64,500.
Food Technology. ₦75,000.  ₦56,500.  ₦62,000.
Industrial Maintenance Engineering. ₦75,000.  ₦56,500.  ₦64,500.
Estate Management. ₦75,000.  ₦59,000.  ₦62,000.
Civil Engineering. ₦75,000.  ₦56,500.  ₦64,500.
Building Technology. ₦75,000.  ₦56,500.  ₦64,500.
Office Technology Management. ₦70,000.  ₦56,500.  ₦64,500.

Yabatech school fees price for HND Part-time

We are still compiling the price of school fee for HND. Once we are done, we will upload it here for everyone to see.

The school fee can be made online through the Yabatech student portal. After payments, an evidence of payment should be printed out. The evidence of payment will be submitted during clearance. so it’s necessary it’s printed.


  1. Pls,I want to knw the actual amount to be paid as schools fees for school of social science nd school of agriculture for freshers

  2. Good evening sir, if I obtain the part time form now how many days will it take before I will pay the school fees and start receiving lectures

    Can I use my neco result print it out for screening instead of certificate?

  3. Please sir,
    Can one pay for the acceptance part time through your account instead of going to the school cyber cafe to do that. i was been told by one of the cafe guy that this year acceptance fee is 23,000 and am seeing 20,000 online which one is correct out of it sir?

    • The acceptance fee is 20,000 naira excluding cafe charges. You can contact me when the time comes to help you pay it but you are not paying into my account.

  4. I learnt school fees is paid only once in a year, what about library, sports, examination, course form and departmental dues are we supposed to pay for these fees every semester?. I thought it’s part of the school fees package.

    • School fee is now paid per semester; you pay half in each semester. Library and other additional fee are added to the school fee except for departmental dues.

  5. Please how much is the school fee for YabaTech HND Part-time, Mechanical Engineering.

    Even if there’s no current one, what’s the previous?

  6. if i have f9 in math d7 in physic in waec can i still study computer science in yabatech but i have all my papers in neco

  7. hi
    is it only through jamb that one can access YABATECH as a choice school?
    must i have chosen the school before i can be eligible for admission

  8. can i study mass com or business Admin with this result, commerce B2, Economics C5, government D7, Literature D7, Maths C6, Eng C5, Biology B3 Chemistry C6, Physics E8.

  9. what if,your ND certificate is not yet out and you only have statement of result,can you still proceed for the HND program PT

    • Mechatronics is a full-time only course; It is not available for part-time. Kindly check the price for OND full-time courses.

  10. How much is Hospitality management acceptance fee for part time and schools fees and when is the resumption date.

  11. Please when would Transcript be needed in Yabatech for HND Before admission or After admission?
    please i need swift response. thank you

  12. I apply for mechantronic eng and am using combined result my jamb score 220 what are order things i should do in order to secure admission

  13. plz I finished from D.s Adegbenro ICT poly Ogun state..l studied biz admin.,coming out with lower credit. but I dont want to continue with biz administration. I want to go for public Administration. will they accept me?

  14. Pls i score 181 in my jamb,am i qualify to study SLT nd when will their admission list to be out nd what are the necessary steps to take for now…..

  15. I have 195 in my jamb wanna study Mech.Engr and am using Awaiting result,when will the screening starts??


  16. Free Tutorial is going on in Campus for all Yabatech fresher,If you are a buildingtech/ Environmental student chat me on Facebook@ Fadare samuel O…. I welcome you all to d Land of THE GREAT!


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